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TMJ/TMD Advice
May 11, 2015
... At 21 years of age, it is unlikely that any type of open joint procedure would be indicated. Most likely you have synovitis/capsulitis of the joint, which is inflammation of the synovial lining. Consistent with osteoarthritis. Find someone that will do an arthroscopic lavage of the left TMJ, with administration of intra-articular(within the joint) steroid administration. (1 replies)
... e them in a week ... has anyone tried this type of prolotherapy .. i know people normally take this type of injections in knees but has anyone else tried them in tmj ? ... (0 replies)
TMJ lavage
Nov 14, 2013
... I had arthocentis. IF you are in pain its important to speak to your oral surgeon right away. If you don't do the joint exercises you risk scar tissue/ adhesionsl building up again. (2 replies)

TMJ lavage
Nov 12, 2013
... For the lavage do you mean the arthocentisis. Where they go through the joints and flush out that area? ... (2 replies)
TMJ lavage
Nov 11, 2013
... hi everybody .. i just had a TMJ lavage surgery a week ago after a 5 year struggle with my tmj & nothing worked ... the MRI revealed that i have dislocation in both sides of the jaw the surgery was supposed to be an hour long but it took more that 3 hrs .. my surgeon was shocked of the amount of adhesion that made my joint stiff and stuck .. after the surgery he set me up with... (2 replies)
... y even before they started to show because my orthodontist was afraid it would mess up the nice work she did. However, I think that nice work is the cause of my tmj problem. ... (19 replies)
... I'm not from the US (there is no company selling it here, but it can be imported it by an international pharmacy), so I don't know what is the maximum dose for flexeril - it should be stated on the package insert. Why do you take the flexeril before falling asleep? You need it during the day! I'd been taking tolperison in the past and I started with the maximum dose as... (19 replies)
... Thanks and sorry to hear that you have had some of the same troubles. For me no one truley understands especially my mother which hurts the most. I have been told multiple things but when someone believes me I start crying every single time. I am trying anything and everything (splints, hot/cold packs, botox, lysis and lavage surgery, massage, accupuncture, and now pt) to... (19 replies)
... e everyone else. I have always had it rough because I was diagnosed with a few other problems but like the cardiologist said I have grown out of them. But this tmj and mayofacial pain I have not grown out of. ... (19 replies)
... to a different oral surgeon who worked with TMJ. He started a prescription of steroids and that did not help any. So we ended up deciding on doing the lysis and lavage where they go into the joints and flush them out. That helps me for about three years then I have to have the procedure done over again. ... (19 replies)
... oh, I forgot to mention the wisdom teeth...if your TMJ specialist says to be careful about that, then I would follow his advice! My problems started after a bad oral surgeon extracted my 4 impacted wisdoms. ... (10 replies)
... ave displaced discs. If it is primarily for cosmetic reasons, then I would hold off on the braces! Many dentists say there is little evidence that braces cause TMJ problems...but I've heard of many people whose problems started while wearing braces. Again, it's important to discuss this with a knowledgeable TMJ doc. ... (10 replies)
... o much for your response! I remember your name, and you've been of help to me in the past. I appreciate your balanced, and logical point of view. I believe my TMJ dentist is a good one, and kind person. Perhaps he did give up a little on me. However, I m with you on the funcionality issue. ... (10 replies)
... hree fingers, I would seriously question whether you need arthrocentesis or surgery of any kind right now. I would recommend finding yourself a new conservative TMJ specialist, and taking it from there. If you have a major university near you, you may want to search there for a good specialist. Good luck! ... (10 replies)
... Lysis and lavage is arthocentesis. ... (10 replies)
... and I'm still with a closed lock. The tmj doc I have is very nice... ... (10 replies)
... JsChild7, I was just wondering if you have seen Dr. Cohen yet. I live in Mesa, and I've heard his name often here on the board. Did you find out what he charges? The only insurance I have is AHCCCS, and they won't pay for anything to do with TMJ. I'm still waiting on my company to give us insurance, but for now, everything will have to come out of pocket. Please let me know... (11 replies)
... respected Tucson TMJ doctor. ... (11 replies)
Joint lavage
Apr 26, 2003
... I had a fall a while back. Had a concussion and tmj injury. I had splint therapy for over a year, was put on meds, etc. I recently had a joint lavage of my right tmj. I was so happy because three days after I had no pain, clicking or the strange joint movement I wsa experiencing when I openned my mouth. ... (2 replies)
Lysis and lavage
Sep 24, 2002
... lavage for TMJ treatment. I had it about 2 months ago and went from 20 mm opening to 38mm, which was great! ... (8 replies)

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