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... Amazing you say that. I had all four wisdoms pulled about 10 years ago with only local anasthetic and it was a hellish experience to say the least. The mouthpiece; is it worn only at night? Does it have long term benefits or does it only help while you wear it. I will look into the vitamins/minerals... Have any recommendations for TMJ specialists in NYC? (32 replies)
... and he said it was my oral surgeon who may have strained my jaw too much while he was extracting my wisdom teeth. My jaw ligaments may have been torn, jaw muscles, pulled or strained. Either way, its the same as pulling any muscle in your body which will require therapy and time to heal. ... (32 replies)
... Kdogg-Ive looked like a chipmunk for SIX years! the doctors thought it was a parotid gland issue but its apparently my muscles. Does your swelling go up and down or is it always the same size? Why was the botox so painful? Ive heard an appliance to reset the jaw can help get the muscle knotting/spasms to stop... (32 replies)

... I have hard lumps on both sides of my lower jaw. They are very sore especially in the morning. ... (32 replies)
... (32 replies)
... years the lump just went away and then I noticed my right tm joint started to pop when eating. ... (2 replies)
... making the left side of my lower jaw look like it stuck out more than the right. ... (32 replies)
... so my jaw isn't perfect definitely still crooked but that choking feeling has gotten better. ... (16 replies)
... I just wanted to throw this out here. It could be a muscle, and tends to sound like one because it never abates, I assume from your description, however there is a salivary gland there as well. I had that occur years ago on my left side too ( I do have neck problems, herniated disc at C5-C6) But was not herniated back then when this occurred, and funny thing is it would only... (32 replies)
... Besides biting up and down and side to side, there's also protusive movement of the lower jaw, that is when you move your lower jaw forward. None of the TMJ or occlusion specialists or prosthodontists I saw ever checked the protusive movement. Just unbelievable. ... (12 replies)
... I doubt its cancer based on the doctor's tests - so try not to think the worse. Is it possible that your wisdom tooth that was extracted is infected? I would get a dentist to look at that tooth again. A dental infection can be really nasty. Good luck. (3 replies)
... fluid sound also a very small lump under my left side ear which scare me alot!!!! so I when to 2 different ENT Dr and took CT scan twice one with contrast one with out but didnt show nothing !! ... (3 replies)
... nce 2007 and I had inconsitent visits to my Orthodontist and at one point, I didn't go for a year. I was told to make the decision if I wanted to go ahead with a jaw surgery and since I was in fear of permananet numbness and drooling etc, which I've read about, I was hesitant in making a decision. ... (21 replies)
LTC - how are you?
Aug 10, 2008
... Well I plan on calling the dentist Monday and hopefully seeing him soon (hopefully this week) but I am starting to get the same feeling you have - if he can't get an overdenture to fit in then what makes me think he can get me out of this mess and into some teeth at some point? This is his 2nd try at teeth so how many more attempts at bat do I give him? Well I think I do... (93 replies)
... my tomogram shows that my lower jaw is constricting my airway which is why the tmj dr wants to push it forward with the orthotic. ... (15 replies)
... ray show if there was a tumor on my jaw or a salivary gland issue? ... (14 replies)
... back. I've noticed I'm clenching again, so I guess that's what is causing it. Weird thing is the two lumps on my jaw. One feels like it's on the muscle of my jaw near the top. It's rubbery feeling and moves when I push it around. ... (0 replies)
... If it started with the extraction of your wisdom teeth the only thing that comes to mind is that maybe your jaw joints were over stretched during the procedure, that you were kept open for too long of a period or a nerve was damaged during the procedure. ... (7 replies)
... the doctor and an ENT. Now I have a small lump on my lower jaw, right behind my back tooth but on my actual jawbone. ... (10 replies)
... ow or next week but it never does, it has been about 6 years now I think. You are probably right about the imflamation, all my pain is from a trigger point in my lower jaw. I have read in a tmj book that a nasal obstruction can cause this trigger point pain. ... (6 replies)

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