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Hit in the jaw
Nov 23, 2011
... Well, since that post was made of mine, my jaw has been fixed. Here is the issue I found with this instance, people always run to the er and end up with surgery and doctor bills. ... (3 replies)
... Kdogg-Ive looked like a chipmunk for SIX years! the doctors thought it was a parotid gland issue but its apparently my muscles. Does your swelling go up and down or is it always the same size? Why was the botox so painful? Ive heard an appliance to reset the jaw can help get the muscle knotting/spasms to stop... (32 replies)
... I have hard lumps on both sides of my lower jaw. They are very sore especially in the morning. ... (32 replies)

... The lumps you have may very well be what they call torus mandubularis; which is simply a benign and harmless boney growth covered by gum. They don't usually cause any problems, unless you need dentures and then can make them hard to fit. Do all you can to keep your own teeth! (10 replies)
... My pain went away for 2 months, but is now back. I've noticed I'm clenching again, so I guess that's what is causing it. Weird thing is the two lumps on my jaw. One feels like it's on the muscle of my jaw near the top. It's rubbery feeling and moves when I push it around. ... (0 replies)
... I have a rock hard bulge pushing through both ear canals, more pronounced on the left, and crackle sounds when flexing my jaw muscle. ... (7 replies)
... TMJ started but you mentioned your bite has shifted. TMJ is a condition, not a disease. In my case, it's a result of muscles being thrown off as a result of the jaw being out of alignment as a result of changes in my bite from dental work. Just like most people, I've tried physical therapy, splint, etc. ... (26 replies)
... to me, did not seem right and I realized my orthotic treatment was harming me while the PT was helping me..they were fighting each other. And to top it off, my jaw is still not right. ... (22 replies)
... Im constantly feeling that side of my neck for lumps because im so paranoid they might be missing something. ... (11 replies)
... cne not just on face but arms, back and seems like everywhere. Also periods have became heavier and before periods i get swollen and very sore breasts that have lumps in them but after my period they go away. ... (0 replies)
... and then i started noticing the left side of my neck looking different. My SCM muscle stands out more on that side of my neck. Within days of noticing this my jaw started locking when i would wake up. ... (0 replies)
... time doctors said it was in my head stress causing the pain. The first step is getting a doctor to believe you which is insane. It was only when both side of my jaw disslocated locking my mouth open brusing my face badly did doctors believed me. Now my speech is affected , i get swollen lumps and brusing. ... (3 replies)
... After locking I have swollen lumps on both sides followed by black brusies. The worst I've is just a few days ago my jaw lock locked 3 days in a row. I found wearing a mouthguard made no difference. With the mechanical problems a splint was far to dangerous to wear. ... (1 replies)
... snack, that I need to hold onto the sides of my face by the jaw joints in front of the ears. ... (4 replies)
Please help
Nov 13, 2010
... that i grind my teeth at night and during the day, and he also said I have impacted wisdom teeth Also throughout the day, I find my self moving my jaw to the left and leaving it there until I move it back. I do this constantly. ... (1 replies)
Jul 21, 2010
... That sounds horrible and I don't know what will help my poor jaw discs from grinding? ... (12 replies)
Jul 20, 2010
... I have problems with spasms in the muscles in my face. Along my jaw line I have what feels like those lumps that you get with muscle spasms. They are the kind of thing a massage therapist would work out in your back per say. ... (12 replies)
TMJ face change
Mar 11, 2010
... is this something you can physically SEE or do you mean that you feel the little lumps or 'beans' or 'peas' as I call them, inside your skin around your jaw, where your muscles have turned into knots? ... (97 replies)
... and I'm like...WHOA and then my jaw hurts for a few days. On the right side. ... (1 replies)
... If it started with the extraction of your wisdom teeth the only thing that comes to mind is that maybe your jaw joints were over stretched during the procedure, that you were kept open for too long of a period or a nerve was damaged during the procedure. ... (7 replies)

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