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... tremors in my neck down into my hands and sometimes legs. ... (3 replies)
... I almost feel like these stiff muscles are weak in that they just don't feel like moving easily. I have shaky sensations too. ... (13 replies)
... I would agree that its related to your jaw and neck muscles being over strained and/or possibly the jaw/c-spine being out of alignment. It is not uncommon for these muscles to become so over worked they can no longer do their job. If the tmj specialist does not refer you to a chiro - I would suggest you go see one who is trained in tmj or kinsieology - even an osteopath or... (3 replies)

... But the one symptom that has me quite considered is around my chin and neck, when I bend forward my muscles actually quiver, they're very shaky and I don't know if this is related to TMJ or not. Anyone ever have this symptom? ... (3 replies)
Something weird
Sep 21, 2003
... That does sound horrible. I've had weakness and shakiness too after being in a car/exposed to loudish noise (the two often somewhat come together as just going out involves being in noise, rumbling traffic, loud music in shops and so on - I think both noise and vibrations from movement cause it), at worst I felt I had spasms in my face and neck, shaky weak arms and legs (can... (11 replies)
... These don't sound like primary TMJ symptoms to me. I don't know what dissacotiona disorder is and have never heard it in connection with TMJ - is it a psychiatric diagnosis? I would first start with a general check up with your regular GP (If you have one) - get bloodwork; urine sample; ekg of your heart; and then I would suggest seeing a neurologist about your symptoms... (2 replies)
... Hello, I was diagnosed with TMJ 2 days ago and the specialist wasn't much help and gave me no information if my jaw disorder making me feel the way I do or should I go back to my GP??? 7 months of symptoms are : light sensitivity pain behind eyes unable to focus scatty vision weakness and fatigue lightheaded drunk heavy head feeling (2 replies)
Intro thread
May 17, 2014
... Sorry to hear what you've been through. First have you had an MRI and CT Scan of your jaw? I don't know where you are but you could check the "great doctors" thread to see if there is any doctor near you that people here have favourably commented. With respect to your posture at the computer - that is very important and I know that it aggravates my TMJ. Are you... (3 replies)
Intro thread
May 15, 2014
... I was also seeing a physical therapist at the time, who put my neck on a traction machine and used a Tens machine on my head. This fixed nothing and I stopped when the insurance's limit for annual visits was reached. ... (3 replies)
... muscle fatigue my muscles have been going through. My jaw is so strained all the time with what feels like knots in my facial muscles from clenching down into my neck into my shoulders into my hands and sometimes down my spine into my hips and legs. ... (16 replies)
... Sorry to hear that you are still experiencing "shaky vision". That must be horrible. It reminds me of last summer when I had a cranial treatment and right when the therapist manipulated the maxilla, I had a huge wave of dizziness come over me that didn't go away for 3 days til my next adjustment. It was insane. I could hardly drive. Sometimes, when the cranial sutures are... (7 replies)
... Muscular origin about a year ago. I have neck issues as well. Most recently I noticed that my eyes, whenever I am reading something on the computer the words look almost like they are jumpy, shaky. ... (7 replies)
... I was given Flexeril to take for a week. My neck and shoulders feel much better after a day of taking Flexeril. ... (11 replies)
... TMJ seems to have so many unrelated appearing symptoms, this is probably one of them. It sounds like muscles fatigue or muscle spasms, which could cause the quivering. At least you have a diagnosis and are hopefully on the way to relief. (3 replies)
... right and I started to develop muscle fatigue, tooth sensitivity, a shifting bite, jaw pain and then after one last visit to my dentist the spasms started and my neck became affected. ... (25 replies)
... d new symptoms and I just came on to describe them to you and you just said them! Last night I wanted to come on but I was weak and couldent. I have been really shaky as well, but I believe it is because I just had a change in my inhaler, as my asthma has gotten really bad. ... (9 replies)
... HI Thelma, I have been reading your posts and I hope you don't mind if I ask you a few questions,being that you sound like an expert with TMJ issues. I have been posting on the Inner Ear boards because I was diagnosed with an inner ear/vestibular dysfunction. My main symptom is dizziness, I feel like I am on a boat 24/7! Have felt dizzy for 4 months now, its not in spells, its... (4 replies)
Worrying Symptoms
Jan 11, 2005
... Finding it hard standing in queues without feeling neck tension and constant dizziness, not vertigo but a feeling of drunkiness. ... (20 replies)
... lted into my TMJ. Does anyone suffer from this, if so, do you find when you bend down, move all of a sudden or sitting for prolonged times that it kicks off your neck and shoulder muscles making them feel very tensed, if so, how can you relieve this? ... (3 replies)
... Hi I am feeling so anxious, tensed, nauseaus all the time, shaky, can't think straight, not one day has gone by where I haven't cried. Can't seem to relax, which leads to me clenching my teeth which kicks off my TMJ. (Swollen cheek, uncomfortable eye, tensed neck, shoulders). I feel so alone, went to the docs, he won't put me on any sort of anti-depressant, my blood... (1 replies)

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