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Getting fillings
Aug 25, 2014
... dental work when you either physically can't open your jaw wide or you are in tears if you do so? ... (0 replies)
... Hi InNj. It seems we may have something in common. ... (11 replies)
... they take anywhere from 6 months to a year to regenerate. I used to rub both very vigorously before going to bed in hopes of stimulating the nerves and it helped quite a bit. You should ask the dr if whether this can be done before the dental work. ... (5 replies)

... If it offers any comfort, many tmj sufferers feel their glands and nymph nodes are swollen in the neck area, they can feel hot in the area as well and their necks can hurt. A numbing or tingling sensation may occur on the face, head or jaw area and their tongues may ache or feel swollen. ... (6 replies)
... A repositioning splint to bring my jaw forward ahsd provided little if anty relief. ... (5 replies)
... Im a 25 year old male from Uk. Had ill health symptoms of feverishness, facial pains Since 1998. An oral surgeon gave me a steroid in 1998. Accused of teeth grinding but dentist said I never grinded. ... (5 replies)
... ar. I feel like my neck tension has moved around a bit... adjusting to the work being done. Something is definitely underway. I have a ways to go as many muscles in my neck and shoulders are involved. ... (5 replies)
... ry sockets despite my efforts to avoid them. I had strips of antibiotic medicine inserted into the sockets and the pain eventually went away. Weeks passed and my jaw was sore but I assumed the soreness was a result of just having surgery. ... (2 replies)
... Pain from dental work became apparent as soon as the numbing agent wore off. ... (1 replies)
... mething wrong with my brain like a lot of other people with this condition do. A night guard isn't enough for my problem, I might need some sort of therapy on my jaw joint to make it go back to normal. Or a reposition splint or something. ... (15 replies)
... Thanks in advance! ... (4 replies)
... I went to see the Prothodontist and he did an experiment, by numbing the areas near my temples and around my jaw joint. He numbed it with a cold spray. ... (21 replies)
... I have really bad ear pain tinnitus and some bad jaw pain. I slept for 16 hours today which is not normal. I am a teenager and have already had mono. ... (1 replies)
... Unfortunately, dentists claim that they cannot add anything to a ceramic crown once it's permanently cemented in the mouth. ... (63 replies)
... I could see that there might be a benefit to the shots, since I've had them in my knees and hips so often. ... (6 replies)
... I'd been told that it would be similar to the shots that I've gotten every 3 months in my knees and hip. I've gotten those for a number of years already, and that's NEVER affected me like these shots in my face did. ... (6 replies)
... When your jaw goes out of position, either due to a poor bite, injury, poor dental work, improperly positioned tm joints, ie. ... (9 replies)
... it was a downward pressure like the muscle was trying to make space or find a place to go . I would push up on my jaw until the muscle downward pressure slowly retreated back up. ... (9 replies)
... paste that I have, I've found that it not only gives me some muscle relaxant effect by eating it, but if I actually chew the paste and spread it around in my mouth it seems to have a localized effect of numbing my mouth somewhat and loosening my ever clenching jaw. ... (1 replies)
... In November I was hit in the head by a rather large gentleman. The hit took place around my temple and my head hit the conrete and bounced back up and hit again. ... (0 replies)

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