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... on effects of my mandible being misaligned so he fitted me with a Gelb lower repositioning splint. ... (13 replies)
... I have misaligned shoulder the right its slightly higher than the left, but also I notice that my ribs.. ... (16 replies)
... I saw a physical therapist last year who said that my shoulders seeming misaligned was actually due to an elevated first rib (aparently if the muscles stay really tense for a while they can have that effect.) PT for a few months made a huge difference for me. Tandi (16 replies)

... ore arm weakness, stiff neck, horribly stiff shoulders, some headaches, jaw pains near temple and lower jaws at the hinge, upper back sore and stiff, hips achy, misaligned stance, my neck now cracks when I turn my head especially to the right, clogged ears with sometimes pains and ringing. It's so much more symptoms from before! ... (12 replies)
... I am in the beginning stages of TMJ. For maybe a year I had a very minor version of it that presented as rare instances of extreme ear pain that lasted about a day. A few weeks ago I got a root canal. He had my mouth open for 2 1/2 hours. Then a week later I got the permanent crown, mouth open another 1 hour. I'm pretty sure this hyperextended my jaw muscles and made my TMJ... (10 replies)
... I have severe neck pain and shoulder pain too. ... (15 replies)
... After going to a recommended TMJ specialist, I feel pretty confused. I have a possibly misaligned bite and my chiropractor thought it could be causing some of my symptoms. Thing is, I also had poor sleep position and posture habits. ... (2 replies)
... followed by orthodontic treatment. It turns out my issue was a misaligned bite. The first few months of the splint were hellish but I started to see results and by the end of my treatment I was nearly pain free. ... (11 replies)
... Oh yes, I forgot to mention my postural issues: - Loss of lordosis - Misaligned neck (I go to the chiropractor to get it adjusted, but by the time I go in the next time, it's misaligned again - I think it's mainly C2) - Uneven shoulder and hips (my right shoulder is lower, my right hip is higher) - Tilting head (my head tends to lean to the right) Yes I totally agree... (38 replies)
... I might consider another opinion before you have those 2 extractions... (2 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with TMJ and have a gammet of problems. I also have hyper & hypo thyroid issues for which I am under the care of an Endocrinologist for close to three years. I had an MRI 2 weeks ago to confirm the TMJ. My jaw is completely misaligned, anteriorally. I have to go for 2 extractions next week and then be fitted for the appliances. My jaw aches, I get a... (2 replies)
... en your jaw gets misaligned, you feel like your bite is off. And the jaw position influences the position of your first neck vertebra C1 that causes the neck and shoulder pain. If you get pain in just one shoulder, that is probably the side where your TMJ is off. ... (5 replies)
... In Feb. 2011, I got an elbow to the face while playing hockey. Following the hit, I had a misaligned bite for 1 week or so then everything went back to normal. ... (5 replies)
... even if you don't have the joint noises that tmj can cause...but headaches and neck and shoulder can be helped by the orthodic...if the jaw is misaligned, it affects the whole body.. ... (15 replies)
... ear, neck, shoulder and back that has become "normal" for me so I don't think I know what pain free is anymore. ... (9 replies)
... Hi there--I know your post is from 2yrs. ago, but I wanted to get in touch with you about how your sister is doing, and who she started to see for treatment. Her list of symptoms is almost identical to mine since this past Feb. Please let me know info on her treatment, and I hope she has gotten better since 08'. Thanks!! J. (10 replies)
... HI,I have tmj pain for 3 years and a half along with very bad neck shoulder pain and fibromyalgia ,recently i had a flu and sinus infection caused my tmj to flare so bad so i decided to try the upper cervical chiro ,after he did the x ray and the measurement he said my c1 is misaligned so he adjusted me by his hand within few hours i got very intense pain in the base of my... (7 replies)
... that her jaw is misaligned and her disc is not correctly positioned. ... (10 replies)
Onto Phase 2
Mar 21, 2007
... stress of all the grinding, clenching, etc led to facial, head, neck, and shoulder pain. ... (16 replies)
My 50k smile
Dec 4, 2006
... ist. Cheek indentations from missing teeth are a sign of muscles being over worked or stressed. Also missing teeth can cause teeth to shift and the jaw to become misaligned and this can strain the tm joints. ... (1 replies)

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