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Tmj gums burning?
Apr 29, 2018
... s not localized to any particular tooth, seems to move around, both sides and occasionally effects my tongue and inside of my cheek as well. ... (1 replies)
... is a bit swollen and tender. ... (1 replies)
... I've also been getting this thing where my cheeks feel taut, or stretched, almost like maybe they might be swollen except when I look in the mirror, they don't appear that way and aren't red or tender to the touch. ... (0 replies)

... You sound like the mouthguard is really irritating you. Try taking it out and doing some warm salt water rinses in your mouth. This will help any small cuts or scrapes which it is causing you. Try only leaving it in for short periods of time, not all day or night. If you must wear it all night, take it out in the morning for a few hours, put it back in when you can. Please... (1 replies)
... and my ear feels more clogged on that side. My eye feels a little puffy too, and my cheek under it. ... (32 replies)
... Hi all , i had my doctor feel a gland that i had in my neck just 2 weeks ago, she said it was from a constant bacterial infection because i need my teeth repaired and its also making my tonsills look inflamed, but she never said anything else, she had a report back from the Glasgow dental hospital saying i had muscular related tmj no miss placed joints no oral cancer (i was... (17 replies)
... nodes in my chin where swollen and somewhat tender. They also seem to really swell while I am sleeping and go back down a little during the day. ... (17 replies)
Cheek and TMJ
Dec 1, 2004
... First off, my cheek feels very uncomfortable, not painful but kind of a thick feeling and like its dragging the lips, if you know what I mean. ... (0 replies)
... Hi I am feeling so anxious, tensed, nauseaus all the time, shaky, can't think straight, not one day has gone by where I haven't cried. Can't seem to relax, which leads to me clenching my teeth which kicks off my TMJ. (Swollen cheek, uncomfortable eye, tensed neck, shoulders). I feel so alone, went to the docs, he won't put me on any sort of anti-depressant, my blood... (1 replies)
Swollen Face
Aug 6, 2003
... I know this sounds trivial, but my left side of my face is incredibly swollen. Everyone is starting to point it out or give me weird looks. Its really damaging to my ego. Is there anything I can do to decrease the swelling? My boyfriend told me I should buy a vibrator and stick it on my cheek. At first I laughed but now I'm considering it. (5 replies)
Pain Clinic visit
Jun 11, 2003
... Yes, I have also had the back molars bite down on my swollen cheek and create a sore spot. ... (4 replies)
... and my glands in my throat seem to be pretty sore too. Has anyone experienced swollen or sore glands or even knots from TMJ? ... (3 replies)
... the dental thread and my teeth problems started March 2017 in the order of suspected cracked molar, chipped front tooth causing hypersensitivity and pulp damage, swollen gums, shifted teeth. My teeth problems have not solved, you can take a look at my long thread in the other forum. ... (0 replies)
... The masseter muscle in your cheek can get tight and pull causing irritation that causes inflammation and your eustachian tubes suffer. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Elle, Was wondering how you were feeling.... I also have issues stemming from my neck. My left side is hard as a rock... I get pain in the back and side of my head, also my temple. I am in physical therapy but have not noticed any improvement yet. I would certainly continue pursuing the neck correlation. Hope you are feeling better! (3 replies)
... The next day my pain spread.. ear, swollen gland and cheek, temple pain, top of head, jaw, the bone where my jaw and ear meet, teeth.. all these pains travel throughout the day. ... (3 replies)
... When I open my mouth wide, it seems that muscle right above the ear starts to hurt for me a lot of the time. How am I suppose to fix that & what's the name of that specific muscle? I went to my dentist yet again & my bite is completely fine though. But I've been having so many issues for so long. (4 replies)
... heekbone and ear. It will take a while to untangle the temporalis in this place. The temporalis connects to the jaw bone, the other one that pulls down. If it's swollen and knotted all the way down cheek, will throw off your bite. ... (4 replies)
... '' You definately need to follow up with a medical professional. Clenching certainly doesn't help. If you are clencher you should try asking your dentist to make a custom night gaurd for you to wear at night - this won't prevent you from clenching but will cushion the impact on your joints. I wear and I found it helps. Also clenching at night while you sleep happens... (2 replies)
... I don't know if it's actual TMJ, or just a bad case of bruxism. Either way I'm not taking it lightly. The person that diagnosed me was a doctor fill in. I'm following up with my dentist on the 28th of August. (The soonest appointment I could possibly get, go figure. ) My symptoms were, (Left side only) -Sore face. -Sore mouth -Sore jaw & cheek bones -Sore Teeth (Feels... (2 replies)

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