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... it was constantly touching my teeth and pressing up against them and I would constantly pull them off. ... (9 replies)
... I dont know if thier TMJ related or not, but I have also noticed a metalic weird taste. ... (4 replies)
What to do?
Mar 2, 2007
... hole body. My dentist and I have been trying to figure out just what the heck is going on with all my stuff too, pain behind the socket, horrible headaches, achy teeth that weren't even worked on, shooting firey pains etc. ... (4 replies)

... to my eyes and there was a pressure in my temples. This summer has been the summer from hell. I can't stop crying. I am crying even as I write this because I feel so hopeless. In June finally my dentist called me back for a follow up cleaning and I told him of my symptoms. ... (8 replies)
... cheek area. When I talk sometimes I can feel it all tense and stressed and it's extremely annoying. It doesn't hurt all that bad, yet. ... (5 replies)
... I chewed through my first splint in one night and the second took me two. The added space between my teeth may actually have led to more inflammation as it took greater effort to grind on the splint. ... (16 replies)
... asking for two reasons. Although as you know, I am still having problems, a lot of my pain was relieved when my dentist had the courage to drill into one of my teeth that seemed sensitive to cold and discovered it was abscessed. ... (8 replies)
... to manage it with self care. However it is still really bothering me. My jaw musles especially on the left side are tense and tight and when I close my mouth it feel slike my teeth don't fit together right. Also it feels weird when talking and I really have to concentrate on getting my words out. ... (4 replies)
... it was the best thing I ever had done , yes it is costly but if the wright doctor does it , yes I had it done , I had splints, elastics, braces, headgear , shots in my jaw joints , was a long hall but after my treatment was done and the braces came off wow very happy (19 replies)
... focus. My mind starts only focusing on the pain which is sometimes mental but I know that I am physically hurting also. My face is swollen on the left side and I feel like the only teeth that really touch are my left front top teeth. I have straight teeth but for whatever reason just like the two front left touch. ... (19 replies)
... IT could be TMJ but you need to see a specialist in oral and facial pain disorders to get this diagnosed. Once your medical insurance kicks in follow up. I would also suggest seeing a neurologist if you haven't seen one. Good luck. (2 replies)
... cked up locked open a few times several years ago, and I always grind my teeth at night. At the time of my first panic attack, I was under a lot of stress. I thought, you know..maybe you're right about the TMJ thing. ... (2 replies)
... at 25mg and then upped it to 50mg. I noticed I clenched and grinded my teeth even more so and woke up with horrible neck and face pain. ... (5 replies)
... ed by splints and I'm sure you will find a picture on the web of one. This is totally different than what you are feeling as far as you saying you can't put your teeth together comfortable anymore, and it feels weird. ... (9 replies)
... These sinus and ear issues came on ONLY after I had my lower wisdom teeth removed in Nov. 2007. Never had I experienced ANY of these symptoms before my tooth extraction. ... (5 replies)
Appliance Fitting
Jan 23, 2009
... side. If I try it, the jaw swings over to the other side. Sometimes it even "stays" there for few days. I thought that this was really smth. unique since I am so weird in my bite! Amazing! And my right jaw is healthier, as they say. ... (80 replies)
... Yes, losing teeth and poor dentistry can and will cause your joints to get out of position when they're done to your posterior teeth. Yes, your muscles do spasm at first. ... (8 replies)
... my bruxism keeping him awake at night that I decided to do something about my TMD. I was so used to the chronic pain, that I didn't really believe that I could feel any better. ... (8 replies)
NTI appliance
Aug 24, 2016
... Thank you for that information I will be reading that book The guard I have now is a full top acrylic that snaps into my teeth perfectly- that dentist practices older techniques I am now learning in that I went through having that adjusted weekly for about 6 months, he would shave more and more off the guard towards the back to supposedly get my jaw comfortable and keep my... (2 replies)
... ist checking on me. It was amazing because I have never found a doctor that cared like him. I told him that I was sore and feeling ok and the splint was just a weird feeling. He said he can handle that weird feeling and hopefully it will feel better soon. ... (10 replies)

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