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Dec 19, 2006
... Hi Grace, I'm in Vancouver and am looking for a TMJ specialist. Can you recommend anyone? My dentist just gave me a night guard, but my gut tells me I need more than this, and I'd like to consult with a TMJ specialist. Any info you can provide would be awesome. Thanks! Elizabeth (2 replies)
... Elaine, I havent been on here for a longtime I been really sick! :( I am so sorry for you lose, your in my prays and I pray you will be strong and pull though this, this is a hard time in your life right now, your a strong women keep your head held high and and I pray everything will be ok for you and your family! God Bless :angel: (19 replies)
... Hi :wave: Thanks for the support and being here! I am only 23 and have been dealing with this pain for over 6 years so sometimes I just break down and cry because I cant take the pain anymore, I guess we all do this, it is just so hard to go day by day sometimes, or act like your ok when your not, I cant do the things I use to love to do! I really appreciate you being... (18 replies)

... Hi, :wave: Thanks you guys, for replying back, seem like to many people dont want to, but I understand, they probably dont know what to say to me, and everyone on here thats knows me knows I have been though hell and back! I guess I will save up the money and try them out, hopefully they will be able to help me! I have just spent so much money I cant afford these $400... (18 replies)
... Hi Kierra, :wave: Hopefully, Sue, or Marlrne or Elaine will read the post and have an answer for you, they have been though it all! A lot of others on here have been there to but my mind went blank and cant think of any other names... Im sorry, my pain is just so bad I cant think today! they are our mothers of the TMJ board ... (3 replies)
... Hello Everyone, :wave: I just feel like giving up :( :( :( I went to see a new dentist that I thought could help me with my TMJ, but I was wrong,I dont know why I get my hope up all the time! I guess we all do! That was another $175 of wated money for a 10 min visit! If I added the bills and how much money I have spent on how many times I have seen people... (3 replies)
... Hi Stayinalive, :wave: You remind me about myself a year ago, I had no insurance of any kind and I thought I was going to go crazy if I went one more day with this pain. Im 23, so I know how hard it is to deal with this pain everyday of every minute! I started taking OTC stuff like candy and was out of control, becareful on... (12 replies)
... Hi Sue & everyone who cares :wave: Well I cook the hebal tea that acupuntures gave me to drink for pain, dout it will work but are giving it a shot! It smells so gross and taste bad and I even drank it! so I am going to see how I feel in the morning, the batch I made it suppose to last me 2 times for tomorrow, I will let you all know! What it does or if it... (16 replies)
... Hi Sue, :wave: All the lady told me was to drink it 3 time a day and it is made out of all natual stuff plants! There are 14 packets of things that are written in chinsse that I have to cook over the stoves, it is suppose t last for a few days then cook another 14 packets. so I cant understand what they say or mean she said I should drink them and they will help... (16 replies)
... thisstarr - Is what you're experiencing at the actual sites of the needles (did you get alot all over and it's a pain from the needle sites), or is it more like that feeling when you get a flu? If it's the latter, you should be feeling OK within a day if not sooner. I've done many alternative modalities - from those that have helped reverse my TMJ syndrome to those that... (16 replies)
... Hi Everyone :wave: Those of you that know me, know I have been fighting a long and hard battle with my TMJ. Well I went to go try acupunture and I feel so bad! :( I feel like someone beat me up with a baseball bat and a train hit me! Is this normal, I do modeling part time and have to cancel all my shoots this week becasue... (16 replies)
Apr 27, 2003
... Hi Pancho, I think it was the morphone that was making me nasusaed not the Valium,the valium seems to relax my face and jaw spasms, but I could be wrong. I am not icty as much for still am. But I am taking the Beneddryll with my pain med's, and it is not neary as bad but I am still ichey!. Thank for the information, Valium not strong for me at all, it barly does a thing I... (8 replies)
Apr 26, 2003
... Hi Everyone, :wave: Thanks so much for the replys,I appreciate it so much! :) I got some benedryall to take with it, and have been taking it together and it seems to help a bit but I am still ichy! I dont think with my insurance they carry any other type of Morphone but this type called ORAMORPH. I am so amume to everything because I have try to many pills in my... (8 replies)
... Originally posted by thisstarr: Hi, I live in upland ca, and have been suffering from TMJ for over 6 years and gone from doctors to doctor/dentist around here and havent found anyone to help me and believe I have gone to so many I lost count :( I have an appointmant on the 28th with a new guy so I will let you know how it go's.. take Care, Starr (23 replies)
... Hi, I live in upland ca, and have been suffering from TMJ for over 6 years and gone from doctors to doctor/dentist around here and havent found anyone to help me and believe I have gone to so many I lost count :( I have an appointmant on the 28th with a new guy so I will let you know how it go's.. take Care, Starr (23 replies)
... Hi Everyone, :wave: Sorry I havent been posting much, havent been feeling to good lately. I hope you all are having better pain free days then I have been having. I have big question I needed answered ASAP. :D Does's NEURONTIN make you gain weight? I have gain like 8 pounds since I been put on medications, I really dont think it is anything else, I been taking the... (3 replies)
Mar 24, 2003
... Hi Everyone, :wave: I feel the same way :( It is even hard for me to listen to my husband when we are talking, I love him so much but I think and I lose train of thought when we are speaking, I start to feel pain and I start thinking of that, and his voice kind of fades a way for a few and I am thiking what the heck were we talking about. When your in pain you... (13 replies)
... Hi Everyone, Wow, I have this problem too. :eek: I didnt think to relate it to TMJ. Thats just great! now I have to add it to my list of a million symptoms I have from my tmj. This really bothers me, I wish there was something we could do, I feel like I am going to mess my thoat up by trying to clear it. I tried drinking... (12 replies)
... Hi everyone, :wave: Do any of you have pain in your jaw when you wear your splint. It seem when I wear it my jaw pain is worse,I have pain that shoots from my jaw joint down my cheeks, Is this normal? I have only been wearing it to bed and I seem to sleep a little better,(I have trouble every night falling & staying a sleep) but when I wear it when I am a wake, it hard... (4 replies)
... Hi This girl, :wave: I cant understand what you are going though 110%. I am 23 years old and went 2 years without treatment! It is so hard to deal with the pain day to day on OTC junk. They dont do a thing but yet we still take them! Honey you really need to be careful taking OTC stuff I have been in so much for so long I didnt relieze how many pills I was popping... (6 replies)

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