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... I had a day of Vertigo last month, followed by a terrible headache, ear fullness, and nausea. I felt lousy for weeks, thought it was a sinus problem. My ENT told me it was TMJ. ... (4 replies)
... a wonderful 2 month remission period last spring in which I felt totally normal. Also, I go a day or two at a time when I feel much better at times, but then the pain just returns again. I have kept food journals, ingredient journals, kept track of my vitamin supplements, but cannot seem to figure out what triggers it. ... (4 replies)
... Had an MRI done last week of my TMJ. And it came back completely normal. I'll be seeing my oral surgeon next week, so he'll give it a second look to make sure it's normal. So pretty much if he says it's normal too, than I'm at a loss as to what to do to fix my issue. I get ear pain on my right side, and obvious clicking/popping & weird sounds in my right ear. As well as... (0 replies)

... Many times, the first symptoms of TMJ disorder are not associated with much pain. ... (4 replies)
... crown last December, my symptoms started with terrible jaw pain and stabbing ear pain. If I had money for a good lawyer, I would've sued him for everything he has. ... (4 replies)
... sinusitis. Now the ear pain became neck pain, anxiety attacks started coming on strong from all the brain fog and unknown, it really sucked. Sleeping was when I felt best. ... (4 replies)
... For the next three months I went back to my dentist 5 times complaining of tingling pain and discomfort. Finally, at the end of September, my dentist redid the fillings. ... (12 replies)
TMJ and tinnitus
Dec 20, 2014
... and with a bit of investigation assumed it was TMJ since the two are very closely related. ... (3 replies)
... This autumn I started experiencing some stabbing jolts of pain in my left ear. An ENT specialist saw nothing and the pain subsided. ... (0 replies)
... experience. My own TMJ started after a dental bridge which wasen't fitted properly, caused the teeth to shift and my jaw to get out of alignment, a lot of pain, ear popping, balance issues etc. I have been through a lot of procedures and the only thing which helped me was braces. ... (3 replies)
... nd it still managed to get a lot worse. Im not sure what I can do now because its really affecting my daily lifestyle and I cant even go out of house because the pain is so bad sometimes. ... (3 replies)
... my ears have started to pop constantly.. every time I chew and yawn my ears pop, sometimes so much that I get earaches or migraines. Is there any way to fix the ear popping I am experiencing? ... (3 replies)
Is this TMJ?
Dec 15, 2014
... left side of jaw. Slight Swishing noise in the left ear as well. ... (0 replies)
New TMJ Patient
Dec 9, 2014
... but its still only been a couple of weeks. Jaw pain is greatly reduced and I seem to be sleeping a bit better. All in all I'm very pleased thus far only 2 weeks in. ... (5 replies)
... ist, regular physician, ENT specialist, and chiropractor. My dentist blames my bite, doctor says I have too much anxiety, ENT did nothing except diagnose me with TMJ and told me to take advil when it's bad. The chiro told me I have several pinched nerves along both sides of my neck causing my ear and tmj pain. ... (4 replies)
... to assess each individuals specific issues and customize a treatment plan to help that patient. He didn't use any type of 'cookie cutter' approach that a lot of TMJ practitioners appear to use, based upon the internet ads and what has been shared here over the years. ... (12 replies)
New TMJ Patient
Nov 28, 2014
... once. I knew I had an issue so I googled the symptoms and self diagnosed myself with TMJ. Fortunately for me, their was a respected NM dentist who specialized in TMJ mere miles from my house. I quickly got an appointment and my diagnosis was confirmed. My bite was off, partially because of the orthodontics I had as a teen. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Allied22 , Sounds like what I call a jig that fits over front teeth. They can be successful , but it depends whether you have trigger points in your muscles of mastication, pterygoids masseter , temporalis --- myofascial pain. If so they will have to be got rid of through Myofascial release. I'm in this situation but have have previously been where the jig worked no... (12 replies)
... After 3 days my occipital lobe headaches, facial pain, and ear ringing has gotten slightly worse. I'm praying this isn't a sign that this treatment will fail too. Please....someone give me some encouragement! ... (12 replies)
... On a side note, a few weeks ago I had intense pressure like a migraine sort of right where the TMJ is in front of my ear canal. ... (0 replies)

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