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... I've had this ever since I've had problems with the right side of my jaw. Could it be that my TMJ issue is causing a problem with my eustachian tube or something? ... (0 replies)
... Hello, I really need some help here. I'm feeling strange lately and am trying to reassure that I don't have anything serious. I know I have TMJ. I just want to know if anybody else is having these symptoms: -Hearing in left ear worsened (feeling "clogged") -Morning Nausea -Blind spot in left eye (appeared from nowhere just a few days ago, went into eye doc and he said... (0 replies)
... I doubt its cancer based on the doctor's tests - so try not to think the worse. Is it possible that your wisdom tooth that was extracted is infected? I would get a dentist to look at that tooth again. A dental infection can be really nasty. Good luck. (3 replies)

... this is the first step in TMJ surgery. I was under a general anesthetic. ... (2 replies)
... Go see a dentist specialisting in myofascial pain - you may also want to see a neurologist. (4 replies)
... fluid sound also a very small lump under my left side ear which scare me alot!!!! so I when to 2 different ENT Dr and took CT scan twice one with contrast one with out but didnt show nothing !! ... (3 replies)
... I have never had problems with my tmj before but lately am having real bad pain on my right side directly in front of my ear with this pressure in my ear. ... (4 replies)
... unlikely. The TMJ may not cause any kind of this kind of hearing loss alone, but did they take into account muscles spasm and Eustachian tube dysfunction caused by TMJD? ... (2 replies)
... that. Everything came back normal. I just feel it's something with the muscles on my right side like I've been saying all along. It just feels weird. Getting the ear pain isn't a coincidence either. My right side just seems like it curves like the muscles aren't in the right position or something. ... (5 replies)
... I'm a 63 yr old male and the first TMJ symptom I ever had was a year ago. One morning right after I woke up, it seemed my the left side of my jaw slipped out of joint. ... (0 replies)
Numbess and TMJ
Sep 22, 2014
... re just getting squished when I open instead of sliding properly when I open and close. I guess that is a consideration when doing such an exercise. I had little pain until I got my first night guard and that made me feel like I had a hot skewer in my joint. ... (11 replies)
... I've had clicking on my left jaw was 19, stopped all of a sudden after a side sleep when I was pregnant at age 29. Had pain for a couple of days while trying to unlock it but was fixed in place and pain went away. At age 30 a new softer click started on the right side.. ... (12 replies)
... YOur bite can shift - for any number of reasons - muscular, inflammation; degerentive changes in the joint. I would go back to your dentist again and ask him to reevaluate your bite - that's the only way to tell whether your bite is truly improving. (1 replies)
... ear pain ever since, except on some sporadic days I am pain free. I noticed ever since the crown placement, the only teeth that actually touch when biting was my back molars only on one side of my mouth. ... (1 replies)
Tinnitus and TMJ?
Sep 16, 2014
... I had TMJD that manifested as ear symptoms. In my case, the stuffiness came first, then the pain, then the ringing. It took me a long time to figure out the diagnosis. ... (2 replies)
Tinnitus and TMJ?
Sep 15, 2014
... he left ear, then I noticed after 1.5 months I could sometimes hear it in the right, but not frequently. In the right there is sometimes a static sound. The left ear is constant when in a silent environment. When I clinch my jaw it gets noisier. When I hear something like a fan or kettle on, it also seems to get louder. ... (2 replies)
... I know exactly what you mean I get the same symptoms. I drink a lot of coffee in the morning which I know can worsen TMJ disorder. ... (3 replies)
... Does anyone ever start to get pain behind there ear. ... (3 replies)
... it was the best thing I ever had done , yes it is costly but if the wright doctor does it , yes I had it done , I had splints, elastics, braces, headgear , shots in my jaw joints , was a long hall but after my treatment was done and the braces came off wow very happy (19 replies)
... friday. I know this contributes a lot to my symptoms because by the end of my shift my face and head are both dying of pain and I have to take migraine medication to try and control it. ... (19 replies)

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