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... About six months ago while I was studying in the UK, I started to have a bit of pain at the back of my teeth on right side. I thought, probably wisdom tooth growing. It passed, came back for a few days again a few weeks later, then passed again. ... (0 replies)
... Hello everyone, I got diagnosed with TMJ 15 months ago, and I've been undergoing splint therapy with a TMJ specialist. My symptoms at the beginning were horrible. I had neck, upper back and shoulder pain, pressure behind my right eye, and an earache in my right ear. ... (0 replies)
Crying & TMJ
Sep 17, 2016
... trying to make them hear each other out, to absolutely no avail. So I'm left there at the bottom of that pit, tired and anxious and scared of a future of chronic pain that could easily become a reality if I make the wrong decision. ... (1 replies)

... I like that your oral surgeon and your TMJ specialist are working together, it makes sense to me that multiple professionals should be involved in this process, although that seems to be rare. ... (8 replies)
What helped me
Sep 21, 2016
... About a year or two ago I was told I have TMJ by an ENT. ... (9 replies)
... You over worked your muscles and triggered TMJ symptoms . ... (3 replies)
... Hi RA1745, I have been wearing my TMJ orthotic for about 6 months now. I wear my splint on my upper teeth, and the lower teeth are now evenly contacting the splint. ... (8 replies)
... Hi Coconanna, the intensity of pain has decreased. I feel hopeful I won't have to file for disability. Last year, I was in so much pain I did not feel like existing. I got depressed because of my chronic pain. I finished the school year teaching with ibuprofen and klonopin. ... (8 replies)
... Hi Keepinthefaith, I've been wearing orthotic for 5 months, and my pain has subsided. ... (8 replies)
... with relative ease. Although it does hurt the longer I leave my mouth open. BUT I have never experienced lockjaw that I know of and there is no sharp or searing pain every time I open my jaw. There is some mild popping and crunchy sounds when I open my mouth wide or swallow but I attribute this to eustachian tube problems. ... (0 replies)
... back pain, jaw pain, ear pain, ear itching, tinnitus, eye pain, swaying sensation vertigo, dizziness and sometimes tingling in my fingers. ... (3 replies)
... A lot of TMJ specialists are in fact dentists, so don't rule them out necessarily. You need AT MINUMUM these things usually to achieve an actual diagnosis. ... (6 replies)
... highway to play video games at one of their houses. My head turns to the right by itself, all the lights of my highway began bothering me. I couldn't move, sharp pain stabbed my head to the right side, I went into a panic and couldn't move. ... (6 replies)
Sep 20, 2016
... My mother was diagnosed with TMJ and has severe pain on the side of her face. She has feel a knot as well and the pain is up into her temple. ... (3 replies)
... liquid diet. I need to be able to drive myself to school and not anticipate ear pain every time I turn my head too sharply or use my jaw too much. ... (5 replies)
... I am in the beginning stages of TMJ. For maybe a year I had a very minor version of it that presented as rare instances of extreme ear pain that lasted about a day. A few weeks ago I got a root canal. ... (10 replies)
... Welcome to my world of TMD In my experience yes your ear is a result of your TMJ - I have been going thru this for a year now and have been to so many doctors to be told I need a dentist and there is nothing wrong with my ear. I get severe ear pain with a complete plugging and total off balance dizzy feel- I demanded a cat scan and took the results back to my ENT and he was... (1 replies)
... I've been having worse symptoms when lying down myself where I get this odd burning in my head/ear. I still to this day have no idea what exactly is causing it after literally having a dozen different tests done. Doctors don't know what to do to help me at this point & just send me away thinking I'm crazy. I also been made 3 different night guards & they didn't help me either.... (1 replies)
... lie down on my back. The pain's nature is that it occurs usually in the right ear, and goes down the edge of my right jawline. It sometimes happens in the right ear too. It also gets worse when I work on the computer or mobile phone for long hours and my cervical region becomes stiff. ... (1 replies)
... I have been having some jaw soreness, ear pressure, pressure behind eyes, tooth pain and some headaches. I also have this terrible feeling that I have to blink my eyes a lot, sometimes hard. ... (0 replies)

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