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... I think you need to understand what is the cause of your TMJ problems. For me I i have displaced discs and a bony growth on my right condyle of TMJ joint and so I can't open, and when I try I end up straining my neck muscles to compensate. ... (21 replies)
... So, my TMD seems to be presenting in an unusual way. Rather than getting earaches or migraine symptoms, I'm mostly having trouble with my throat, neck, and nose. For the longest time people were telling me it was sinusitis. I even went on Cipro for 4 weeks. Anyway, the thing is that my throat doesn't just hurt, it kills. It'll start up stinging and within an hour or two it'll... (21 replies)
... I was diagnosed by an ENT 2 days ago, after being treated by my regular doc for what he thought was middle ear/sinus. I have never had this before. My hearing is great, and so are my sinuses. What I have is significant discomfort and sense of ear blockage. My regular doc really did me damage by suggesting I chew gum to pop my ears. So I did, and now I have TMJ. I am being... (2 replies)

... even saw online that ear pain could be caused by TMJ but decided it wasn't since I had no jaw pain at the time. ... (5 replies)
... I'm just having trouble finding a tmj specialist in my area, my dentist and orthodontist didn't treat it as seriously as i would have liked them to and just told me to get the mouth gaurd. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Doooge, You really need to get consults with a few tmjd specialists in your area. It does sound like tmj.. the popping is a clear indicator you have joint damage. Hopefully you can get an MRI of your joints and get an understanding of what is really going on. I'm not sure what type of retainer you are wearing so can't really comment on that. If it seems to cause pain... (5 replies)
Medication for tmj
Dec 17, 2016
... Unfortunately I have pain in my teeth some say Tmd because they can feel the muscle and so times my jaw sore rarely though after I did done exercise two days ago the next day I was in severe pain both upper teeth back hurting and my jaw plus headache that was yesterday. I have been putting heat plus meds (7 replies)
Medication for tmj
Dec 16, 2016
... I take ibuprofen (200 mg) 3 times a day, and I take Klonopin .5 mg once a day. I don't have pain anymore, but I take it for the discomfort in my ear. I'll start physical therapy and hopefully the muscle spasms on my face will be less. God Bless! My bite changed when I stretched my ligaments, so I'll be needing braces. I'm set to get them on January 16. (7 replies)
Medication for tmj
Dec 14, 2016
... I have not not been officially diagnosed yet one dentists think I gave Tmj. Ibruphen no longer works for me. I have different symptoms. Sometimes my teeth hurt snd this is constant. No problem about venting. (7 replies)
Medication for tmj
Dec 14, 2016
... I'm starting physical therapy on Monday because I get muscle spasms in the evening. I've been wearing an orthotic for 9 months that I'm so ready to get rid of. TMJ is so debilitating. I just got a job that I really like so I need to get better to work. God Bless!! Sorry. Just needed to vent. ... (7 replies)
... My TMJ started when my bite was off. I was under a lot of stress last year, and I clenched during the day. I had neck, upper back and shoulder pain. ... (7 replies)
... I was diagnosed with TMJ around 4 years ago. I was told by a specialist that the cartilage on both sides of my jaw has been displaced. ... (0 replies)
... till healing. I've had a lot of improvement with the orthotic, but still dealing with my ears. My earaches have diminished, and when I do get an earache, a 200 ibuprofen will help my ear. ... (7 replies)
... isability. Last year, I was in so much pain I did not feel like existing. I got depressed because of my chronic pain. I finished the school year teaching with ibuprofen and klonopin. I did not find relief until I got my orthotic. I am still not pain free, but my pain has subsided. ... (8 replies)
... TMJs have stable hinge axis movements. My lower teeth are now evenly contacting the splint, but my right ear is still sensitive to sound. I'm due to go see my tmj specialist soon. Before splint therapy my pain was bad. I could barely make it out of my bed to work. ... (8 replies)
... Thank you Mountain Reader! I am so happy you are doing better! I am doing much better with my splint. But I still have to take Ibuprofen 3 times a day because of my ear discomfort. I had an appointment with and ENT last year and said ears were fine. I just hope my disc goes back in place. ... (8 replies)
... Hello, I got diagnosed with TMJ about a 13 months. My front teeth were not touching, and I felt my molars hitting too close. ... (8 replies)
Jun 17, 2016
... praying for all of us. I believe in miracles!!! And I'm so glad you're not having the crackling noises and that your pain has subsided. I'm doing okay with my ibuprofen and muscle relaxer. ... (30 replies)
Jun 15, 2016
... I take ibuprofen for pain, but I'm currently only taking 200 mg two to three times a day. I also take clonazepam once a day to get by. My range of motion is a lot better. ... (30 replies)
May 30, 2016
... Hi AustinBobcat, It went ok I thought but as I continued to think more and more about the visit. I'm still wondering why he hasn't ordered an MRI so that the images can tell one what we are dealing with right? I almost feel as if he wants to prolong this so when he does finally order one, thats if I can get him too, that it will result in needing surgery. So I was given... (30 replies)

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