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Steroids for TMJ
Aug 22, 2014
... A few months ago my jaw locked for several days where I couldn't get it open. My dentist couldn't do anything for me and my regular doctor didn't have any availability for over two weeks and told me to go to the ER (we are military and military ER's often double as acute care clinics). So, I went to the ER, feeling very stupid sitting in the waiting room next to a kid with a... (7 replies)
... For some context, I have a scoliosis curve at the base of my neck which pulls my head to the right a little, as well as the military neck. ... (11 replies)
... Also are you seeing a physiotherapist for your military neck? ... (11 replies)

... I was diagnosed with a fairly advanced case of TMJ last year. Since then I've worn a nightguard, but I don't know if it's working. It's stopped my teeth being worn down, sure, but that's all I know. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Jacko, Out of curiosity's sake, do you have cervical pain or tightness? My son has had MRI's, CT scans and Tomograms of his TMJ's and C-spine (bone and soft tissue) over the years. The tests had shown that his discs were displaced at a time, but have since been recaptured. He currently has no pain or issues with his jaw/joints. The only thing that stood out... (18 replies)
... le to have surgery with him bc of military, but he still wrote a detailed letter of what should be done and what was going on with my joints for me to take to my military drs. ... (4 replies)
... What about military resources? ... (22 replies)
... So I am no further in my quest. My NTI seemed to make me hurt even more in the morning. Back to the dentist and see said I should seek a psychiatrist and wait for the NTI to help. He said the stress in my life (i.e losing my mom and husband in military deployed overseas) has added to my stress and clenching ect... and he help my hand and prayed. SOOOOOO his nurse said he... (22 replies)
Military neck
Jul 19, 2008
... I can't believe I'm logging into one of these:) Military neck is instead of the natural curvature of your bends backward. I have it from having a profession of 20 years of leaning over people all day. I had such intense pain...come to find out it really wasn't my neck, it was my jaw. Being A type person...I guess I grind my teeth, even when I wasn't aware. ... (3 replies)
Military neck
Nov 11, 2006
... My tmj started abrubtly over night and within a few weeks the severe pain in my head and face spread to my neck, back, arms and legs. ... (3 replies)
Military neck
Nov 10, 2006
... Has anyone heard of something called military neck? ... (3 replies)
... years due to my tmj problem. Now I have a pinched nerve on top of everything, it's so painful, and sometimes I don't know if the pain is from the tmj or the pinched nerve. ... (6 replies)
... My TMJ doctor has been doing ultrasounds and injections, some of which help but as we all know the fight with insurance i need to go through a normal doctor. ... (6 replies)
... I live in Maryland and have seen drs in DC and Penn. All the drs are military except the Penn dr, so I will give you their names if that applies, but the dr in Penn is at UPenn and his name is Dr. Peter Quinn. ... (2 replies)
... Sounds awful. I wouldn't accept that. You have an unresolved, untreated medical issue. Request a specialist, write letters, there must be some route to get decent care, even in the military. I fought my insurance company to get decent care. It took 100+ phone calls, politics, letters, all kinds of tricks to get things accomplished. (5 replies)
... I can only see military doctors, it's like a cattle call, we all line up, have 15 seconds to tell them what is ailing us then we get a RX for Motrin and are moved along out the door. ... (5 replies)
... i am in the military and an athlete as well and since I injured my TMJ, I have been unable to train and do strenuous exercise, which is very frustrating. ... (4 replies)
TMJ problems
Dec 29, 2005
... thanks for your reply. I have read your other posts also. I will talk to my OS about the tomogram and see what he can do. I am military and my hands are kind of tied as far as what kind of doctors I am seeing... ... (6 replies)
... Hi, Just wondering if any of you also have a condition called "military neck" where there is loss of curvature in your neck. I was told I had it a couple years ago and my left "rib" is higher than my right. At first, I didn't think it would be a huge problem (despite the pain). But I just spoke with a medical student friend who told me that I would need to get it... (6 replies)
... Well, I guess it really is that much then...They did suggest some temporary fixes, but they said I would end up spending more than its worth, because in the end they would charge more to do the permanent...also, they told me that they guarantee it for 5 years(only on rebuilds), so if I needed anything done, they would cover it and do the work...I am going to check with the... (12 replies)

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