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Managing TMJ MRI
Apr 1, 2014
... then ask the technologist doing the MRI for something else. I know they had to improvise with me because I couldn't open wide enough to get the standard mouth peice in. Just some thoughts. Good luck. ... (3 replies)
Managing TMJ MRI
Mar 31, 2014
... wondering if anyone has advice on how to handle the test while moving as little as possible. I am not claustrophobic so I am not concerned about that. The last TMJ MRI I had was a few years ago. One of the joints was not viewed that clearly because I would move a little when I was swallowing. ... (3 replies)
Managing TMJ MRI
Apr 1, 2014
... Thanks for your advice. I am also going to practice relaxing and staying as still as possible, since I tend to get fidgety when I am nervous. I am looking forward to the results of this. I have not had an MRI for a few years since I have had some significant increased problems with neuropathic pain and facial changes (previously diagnosed several years ago with osteoarthritis... (3 replies)

Managing TMJ MRI
Mar 31, 2014
... My Orthodontist said that very few places do clear MRI's of the TMJ. He had me travel an hour to a specific imaging center. He actually sent a set of stacked tongue depressors that he sent with me so he would get the size bite he wanted for the image. (He individualizes the size by person when he sends us for the images.) Anyway, I have realized I need to find a good... (3 replies)
TMJ Nerve Damage?
Apr 17, 2014
... I am awaiting the results of a new MRI of my jaw joints since my symptoms have been worsening recently. I have displaced discs and osteoarthritis in both jaw joints, which I suspect is worsening. ... (0 replies)
... Jules, Two questions. You mentioned you have had a X-ray and cat scan, but have you not had an MRI? If not, I would ask for one as that will best tell the condition of your joints. Can you find a comfortable bite position? If you can get a comfortable position, then possibly a splint may help keep you from deviating. Just ask a lot of questions about what type of... (2 replies)
TMJ maybe?
Apr 12, 2014
... I've had an MRI taken, and it didn't indicate anything serious at all. My jaw muscles aren't hurting, and I have no trouble opening my mouth. ... (0 replies)
TMJ surgery
Apr 12, 2014
... sounds like a lot and a long road to recovery but it is not as drastic as total joint replacement. I would 't worry about that if your doctor has not ordered an MRI of your joints, your pain may be mostly muscular. ... (5 replies)
... nally found a dentist near me in IL who used a Doppler and I could hear what my abnormal jaw joint sounded like compared to his which was normal. Had CT scan and MRI of jaw joints. It's important to go to a place where they are experts in reading MRI of jaw joint since it's such a small area. Fast forward to Feb. ... (7 replies)
... mobility, MRI showing TMD with and now without reduction, and condyles showing some breaking. ... (7 replies)
... So my TMJ disorder is pretty advanced and I am only 28. I've had clicking and popping since I was 18 or so. I only started to notice pain about two years ago. ... (0 replies)
Two more days
Mar 27, 2014
... He is also wondering if there is a chance that the cardiology problems I have could be related to the tmj some. He is considering that something is wrong with the joints itself but is not sure what it is. ... (2 replies)
TMJ inflammation
Mar 19, 2014
... I am hoping they will mention needing an MRI Monday and if they don't I will ask for one. If they still say no I will contact my oral surgeon and see if he can get one done. ... (3 replies)
TMJ inflammation
Mar 19, 2014
... If I were you, I would push for an MRI of your jaw joints when you see your specialist on Monday. ... (3 replies)
TMJ inflammation
Mar 19, 2014
... Basically, long story short, I have been suffering from bilateral pain within my TMJ for close to two years now. ... (3 replies)
Is it TMJ?
Mar 13, 2014
... have you had an MRI or CT scan? ... (1 replies)
... When the dentist started to adjust bite with equaliberation that's when the trouble started. I didn't have TMJ problem before that. ... (6 replies)
... When the dentist started to adjust bite with equaliberation that's when the trouble started. I didn't have TMJ system before that. ... (6 replies)
... you need a proper diagonis and to do this you need to find a dentist that specializes in TMJ disorders. Which is easier said then done since any dentist can hold themselves out as a specialist. ... (2 replies)
... out of socket and we are reversing the damage using the splint. Personally I have had various ct and panoramic xrays done. However I really would like to get an MRI to see if there is any other problems. ... (5 replies)

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