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... Anytime I have a scan done, they always tilt my head as if I didn't have it straight. If that makes sense. They have to straighten it for me. This also happened when I had my license picture taken. The guy was even getting angry with me because I couldn't seem to position it properly (for him). I do have balance problems but I think that has to do with a differece in leg... (5 replies)
... Have you seen medical treatment for your dislocated jaw; if not go see a doctor; I would also see an Ears nose and throat (ENT) specialist about your hearing loss. (1 replies)
... compresses, etc. but when that's not enough, I end up popping some ibuprofen a few times week. I kind of gave up after seeing multiple dentist and that supposed TMJ specialist, but being that I now have insurance, I plan on seeking out whatever help that might be able to get me. ... (9 replies)

... I've had this problem for about two weeks where I have pain on my left jaw whenever I try to close my mouth. Basically, the back teeth on my left side can't meet. Something is "blocking" them, causing me pain. ... (0 replies)
... Does your head curve more in one side instead of being straight? ... (5 replies)
... Can a TMJ disorder be cured? ... (1 replies)
... My teeth don't really "grind" together when they eat, nor are my teeth sat on each other. I am not in any pain. But when I try smiling, it feels as if one side of my teeth at the back are closer together than my right side. Also, when I open and close my mouth, my jaw swings slightly to the left as I open and close it. ... (4 replies)
... rical.I panic, with in 4 months I looked older , WAY older and gaunt . Dentists don't really know why the face changes, it it not even on the book of symptoms of TMJ , some say muscle atrophy others say muscles lost tone for being in spasms .. ... (5 replies)
TMJ + hearing loss
Jan 28, 2015
... I have noticed that I have a hearing loss in one ear along with a lot of pain from my jaw which is dislocated (same side). What can I do? (1 replies)
... Long story short i had an accident about a year ago,and i ended up in the hospital with several left side facial fractures and orbital floor blowout. ... (5 replies)
... Long story short i had an accident about a year ago,and i ended up in the hospital with several left side facial fractures and orbital floor blowout. ... (0 replies)
TMJ advice
Dec 24, 2014
... cracking, both on the left side of my face. After the cracking, the popping goes away for a couple hours until it starts back up again. I try to avoid the cracking as much as possible. ... (0 replies)
New TMJ Patient
Dec 10, 2014
... I responded because I have a similar story. My TMJ problems started after getting a bridge which was never fitted properly. ... (5 replies)
... Long story short, about 10 years ago i had a twin block as my lower jaw was smaller(?) than my top jaw, so i had that twin block to push the bottom jaw forward.. my overjet was 11mm.. I also noticed that both of my sisters had the same braces and had some of their teeth taken out to pull their teeth back - i never had teeth out so my teeth are pushed forward and look a little... (6 replies)
New TMJ Patient
Dec 1, 2014
... If it was many years ago, any teeth that did not touch as a result should have extruded to touch one another by now. I'm just concerned that your bite tests might not have been done properly. ... (5 replies)
... The TMJ part begins here and has become a horrible nightmare! About 3 weeks ago, my jaw started feeling awfully fatigued one evening. Not painful but massively exhausted. I could barely sleep that night. ... (0 replies)
... I too have TMJ which developed after bad dental work 4 years ago and I know how frustrating dental and gum anxiety can be! ... (4 replies)
... Besides biting up and down and side to side, there's also protusive movement of the lower jaw, that is when you move your lower jaw forward. None of the TMJ or occlusion specialists or prosthodontists I saw ever checked the protusive movement. Just unbelievable. ... (12 replies)
... I swear, no one believes me about the Clonazepam thing. ... (9 replies)
... respect to clonazapam, while I'm no doctor and I respect that everyone reacts differently to drugs, I am personally doubtful that clonazapam would aggravate your TMJ symptoms or had anything to do with it. ... (9 replies)

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