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... ven me any solution. Instead, they told me to take celebrex which is an antiinflamatory for a month. After 2 weeks of taking it i got severe gastritis which made TMJ look like a piece of cake. I have lost 6kg from losing my stomach lining from the meds and severe nausea and diarehea. ... (8 replies)
Tmj please help
Feb 26, 2018
... are common among people with MPS and TMJ. There are tons of other possible symptoms from TMJ and MPS. ... (3 replies)
... Pipdog I have recently been diagnosed with cervicogenic headaches. I have Osteoarthritis in my C Spine. I also have TMJ . I am not sure if the headaches are really from the spine. I sometimes wonder if it is frpm the TMJ. Posture I know is somewhat an issue with me. ... (30 replies)

... I think my tmj is a result of poor posture. As I have stated in other posts, that I have been seeing a chiropractor and it has been helping me a lot. ... (2 replies)
... I'm just having trouble finding a tmj specialist in my area, my dentist and orthodontist didn't treat it as seriously as i would have liked them to and just told me to get the mouth gaurd. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Doooge, You really need to get consults with a few tmjd specialists in your area. It does sound like tmj.. the popping is a clear indicator you have joint damage. Hopefully you can get an MRI of your joints and get an understanding of what is really going on. I'm not sure what type of retainer you are wearing so can't really comment on that. If it seems to cause pain... (5 replies)
... Just wondering if anyone has experienced burning and tingling with their TMJ issues? ... (2 replies)
... I couldn't replace all the teeth, I'm still a student so it's really expensive, also I didn't give TMJ a lot of attention, since everybody told me that it will go with time. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Elle, Was wondering how you were feeling.... I also have issues stemming from my neck. My left side is hard as a rock... I get pain in the back and side of my head, also my temple. I am in physical therapy but have not noticed any improvement yet. I would certainly continue pursuing the neck correlation. Hope you are feeling better! (3 replies)
... I too have tight muscles and my pain is also in my upper teeth area . I can open my jaw . I find after I am being seen by a dentist that my pain soreness gets worse because they touch muscles etc. Head etc . What is dry need,ing not sure if they do that where I live. I wear night guard. What about lazer therapy ? do they do that for Tmj. U mentioned orthotic... (5 replies)
... muscles. He noticed that my lower jaw was tense and that it was going slightly to the back. I did go see a chiropractor last year for my back. He worked on my posture and it helped a little. ... (5 replies)
... My TMJ started when my bite was off. I was under a lot of stress last year, and I clenched during the day. I had neck, upper back and shoulder pain. ... (7 replies)
... After the pain diminished during the splint therapy, my TMJ Orthodontist reviewed options with me. 1. wean from the splints 2. continue to wear the splints 3. ... (7 replies)
... hours. Then a week later I got the permanent crown, mouth open another 1 hour. I'm pretty sure this hyperextended my jaw muscles and made my TMJ worse. I did tell him beforehand that I had TMJ, all he did was give me muscle relaxer to take before and after. ... (10 replies)
Braces cause tmj?
Jul 29, 2016
... I was never sent for a traditional CT. I believe he does do cone beam CT of the joint, but it wasn't a 3d image, so I'm not really sure. In my initial diagnostic all of my orthodontists did the same battery of images. The only additional radiographs that my current ortho did was a couple close ups of the joint. He immediately noticed that it was in the wrong position... (19 replies)
... There is one tiny muscle that is right in the front of your armpit that can cause a lot of pain when it gets tight. That pain went away as my posture changed. I also had pain in the area of my sternum as the muscles stretched because of the more upright posture I was able to get with the orthotic I place. ... (6 replies)
... you will not get better if you don't make a serious effort to correct your posture and the function of your tongue. At rest your tongue should be all the way up on the roof of your mouth. ... (1 replies)
... Those all sound like potential symptoms of TMJ disorder. What device are you using? ... (6 replies)
... So very sorry to hear that other people have this horrible TMJ. Have been going to Physical Therapy. It helps for a little while but Im so tired of hurting and I have tried Dental, Doctor and now Physical Therapy. Neck and shoulders are now coming in to play. I also have poor posture. Trying to improve my life and keep moving on. Physical Therapy will give temporary... (1 replies)
... Hi Aunty S, I got diagnosed with TMJ last year. I'm 46 years old. I also have upper back and neck pain. I went to a chiropractor and he said everything looked fine. ... (3 replies)

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