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... Hello Everyone, I am experiencing a severe flare up in all of my TMJ symptoms and would greatly appreciate any help. I have not posted on this site, though I have been a member for a long time. ... (1 replies)
... Working in a computer aggravates TMJ symptoms in me - watch your posture - make sure your shoulders are back (not slumped) also there is a tendency to just your head forward just a bit; take frequent short breaks if you can; I would get a second opinion from an ENT re your vertigo and ear ringing - no one should be told to live with that Get a proper overnight sleep... (3 replies)
... ad the 'Crooked Jaw' thing too! My whole head was crooked! Sunken cheeks, different musculature on either side, etc... Mine was caused by severe arthritis of the TMJ and a pretty flat disc. ... (8 replies)

... In my experience, all the dental people are only looking at their area and overlook how it all connects to the rest of your body, with changes to your posture that can effect your health or worse. I believe, as a result, I suffered a two completely surisprising spontaneous compression fractures in the spine. ... (7 replies)
... When the dentist started to adjust bite with equaliberation that's when the trouble started. I didn't have TMJ problem before that. ... (6 replies)
... When the dentist started to adjust bite with equaliberation that's when the trouble started. I didn't have TMJ system before that. ... (6 replies)
... I was given a soft night splint and told to come back if problems kept going, to receive a hard one. I suppose they have? My jaw clicks less, but it still does, and I can't open it more beyond two fingers. My splint is also being broken down; it's still useable, but the front part of it is almost bitten through. The problem is that that dentist is quite some way away now--I'm... (8 replies)
... in your muscular and skeletal system. When a previous dentist gave me an anterior repositioning splint that moved my jaw forward, my face looked bigger. If your posture is getting worse or changing, that may change your look as well. Severely stressed face and neck muscles also bulge out more. ... (8 replies)
Jaw surgery x3
Mar 5, 2014
... A few days later, I had 2 spontaneous spinal fractures. Be very careful and adware of changes to your posture that jaw problems can cause. I had been in good health, active, in physical therapy for tmj with mild osteopenia just starting. ... (27 replies)
... re I had a wisdom tooth removed . Seems I have a damaged nerve from years ago lying latent that needs investigating. Consequently , I cannot use lower splint and TMJ is unchecked except for doing posture exercises etc. I am getting spasms and tinnitus as a result . Really desperate to get past this stage of my life. ... (24 replies)
... I personally prefer a lower splint than an upper splint. Also some cranial osteopaths and a cranial chiropractor I have spoken to have said that it's better to use a lower splint, as an upper splint locks up the cranial bones and restricts cranial bone movement, which can cause headaches. None of my splints have stopped me from clenching in my sleep. The one I currently have... (21 replies)
... I am tempted to try the Cranial Osteopath soon if things don't improve. I think my posture is probably contributing to the whole thing. I have an upper hard "nightguard" made by an oral surgeon I saw last time I had this. ... (21 replies)
... which is all in my left side, worsens when eating and sleeping as I clench at night, so it's any time when my teeth meet. I have since got a splint from another TMJ dentist which I am wearing at night only, which is helping with the pain I get during my sleep. ... (21 replies)
... does various tests and MRI if necessary before prescribing a splint or anything. Also apparently he looks at posture and does hypnotherapy so kind of an all round treatment. However this all comes at a high cost of course! ... (21 replies)
... Pipdog I have recently been diagnosed with cervicogenic headaches. I have Osteoarthritis in my C Spine. I also have TMJ . I am not sure if the headaches are really from the spine. I sometimes wonder if it is frpm the TMJ. Posture I know is somewhat an issue with me. ... (30 replies)
... I think my tmj is a result of poor posture. As I have stated in other posts, that I have been seeing a chiropractor and it has been helping me a lot. ... (2 replies)
... MRI of tmj joints by a very specific MRI center and radiologist. ... (12 replies)
Tmj nightmare
Nov 4, 2013
... If you have scoliosis it maybe contributing to your neck/tmj issues. Your body is all interconnected - if one part of your body is out of alignment it can cause a change reaction in other parts; so I wouldn't necessarily say they are two separate issues. Hang in there. (18 replies)
Tmj nightmare
Oct 27, 2013
... I believe a lot of my worsening symptoms are caused by the amount I talk at work and posture problems due to sitting 8 hours plus a day. I also think that smoking cigarettes may contribute a bit due to the muscles that are used. ... (18 replies)
Tmj nightmare
Oct 4, 2013
... gabepentin is one commonly prescribed for TMJ pain. Ask your doctor who is treating you. Are you on any muscle relaxants? ... (18 replies)

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