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... How did you find out it was a fungal infection though? ... (4 replies)
... Well i haven't posted in forever but my tmj symptoms are all gone. ... (4 replies)
... maybe you have a mild sinus infection that is still lingering on. Take care and try not to think the worse. ... (1 replies)

Pain Comes & Goes
Jun 30, 2014
... done anything about it because it hasn't bothered me too much up until now. I had three teeth extracted last year. One being a wisdom tooth. I also have very bad sinus congestion. On my right side I've been feeling a lot of pain and pressure up top. It comes and goes. It seems to be worse with sinus congestion. ... (1 replies)
... of the time, is offer you an expensive mouth guard. They most likely will not complete an MRI of your tmj or even recommend a good orthopedist or massage therapist. ... (6 replies)
... reactive, EBV, Prothrombin Fragment, and Platelets are all high. I also had a sinus CT scan done by my surgeon which revealed left side mucosal membrane disease of the maxillary sinuses. ... (23 replies)
... As for me, I am not feeling well at all. Low grade fevers for the past month, fatigue, weakened immune system, continuous sinus infections, headaches, nausea, dizziness, confusion, and memory loss. Did you have any of these symptoms? ... (23 replies)
... Did you have any symptoms such as pain, low grade fever, fatigue, sinus infections, etc. to warrant you had an infection? ... (23 replies)
... way they can be diagnosed is by a biopsy taken around the prostheses and ran in the lab for up to 3 weeks. Patients initially report symptoms such as increased sinus infections, fatigue, low grade fevers, etc. It is scary and I hope this is not what I am dealing with. ... (23 replies)
... ndering if there are any recent implant patients diagnosed with infections or enduring significant complications. My symptoms include fatigue, low grade fevers, sinus infections, ear pain, headaches, and autoimmune issues. I am fearing I may have a biofilm infection, but this is not diagnosed yet. ... (0 replies)
... sates like crazy. I still do have some congestion, but I am beginning to think that right now, the source of the problem is primarliy TMJ. Does this sound like TMJ to you? ... (2 replies)
... I have fibromyalgia and TMJ usually comes along with it, so I have had a lot of fatigue with my flare this time around. Do you have any neuromuscular issues that may cause you fatigue? ... (7 replies)
... Two quick comments- Have you seen an ear nose and throat doctor? And have you seen a neurologist>? I would recommend both - just to rule out any other issues. Take care (8 replies)
... mths. and thought just tension headaches. I had forgot about my tmj the specialist had diagnosed me with few years ago. ... (8 replies)
... ience, problems with the jaw can indeed cause issues with the throat and sinuses. Before I was diagnosed with TMJD I felt very confident in thinking that I had a sinus infection. My mind wasn't changed until after going through two ineffective rounds of antibiotics, and waking to find my jaw was barely able to open. ... (2 replies)
Tmj and vertigo?
Jan 16, 2013
... I had Jaw surgery 11 years ago and have felt horrible ever since, was told i have TMJ but the symptoms i have don't start with the jaw, Brain fogginess, dizziness, facial numbness, tiredness, plugged ears etc.. ... (5 replies)
... I do have a history of tmjd, allergies, asthma and sinus problems. ... (3 replies)
... Went to the Doctor, gave me antibiotics for sinus infection. No ear infection, UTI negative, throat culture came back for Staph. a. no symptoms. ... (4 replies)
... Its defintaely worth going to a TMJ dentist or two to get some opinions. You do have jaw pain, eye pain and bruxism. LVI global . com and iccmo . org. ... (2 replies)
... d my head will feel like it's vibrating then if the pain is near my nose then my nose feels blocked and I have shortness of breath, or it will be my jaw near the tmj area which will feel pressure. ... (2 replies)

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