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... I am a TMJD sufferer who has had dysphagia and my throat still flares up. ... (0 replies)
... ven me any solution. Instead, they told me to take celebrex which is an antiinflamatory for a month. After 2 weeks of taking it i got severe gastritis which made TMJ look like a piece of cake. I have lost 6kg from losing my stomach lining from the meds and severe nausea and diarehea. ... (8 replies)
... vere pain. I have been to so many specialists as I didn't connect it was related to my dental visit. My symptoms are severe right ear pain, right jaw pain, right throat pain, headache sometimes, right glands hurt, clicking popping sounds when chewing, tight digastric muscle pain.... ... (8 replies)

... Lately i have had a lot of issues - how many of these may be from my TMJD? The main one i am worrying about and bothered by is throat clicking when i swallow and kind of difficulty swallowing - especially saliva or liquids - i have to gulp loudly to swallow! This has been going on a couple of months now. Other symptoms I've been getting.. Jaw pain on both sides (and my jaw... (0 replies)
TMJ Throat?
Jul 23, 2003
... I'm new here. Lately I have felt a lump in my throat that is not consistently there. ... (4 replies)
... Still going down the road you are on, luckily you caught it quick. It took 3 visits with my ent. It got to where I had so much pressure against my left ear that I had loss of hearing. I am doing the same thing ice, heat, eating soft foods, talking less, massaging my jaw, etc. I went to my dentist and had a guard made. For me nothing was fixing it, no one did an... (2 replies)
... top of my throat for a bit. ... (7 replies)
... The clogged ears is so so common with tmjd. The eustacian tube that runs from the ear to the back of the throat is surrounded by muscles.... when those muscles become inflamed or tense from the tmj issues then it no longer can function correctly. ... (20 replies)
... cause my lips and face to go numb, radiating into the neck. I'm not sure if I'm dealing with two different things at once, or if it's all related to a possible TMJ case. ... (0 replies)
... Sorry I don't have any answers for your mom but rest assured she is not alone. I have had severe pain in my throat and ears since July. The throat pain has eased up a bit but the ears are the worst. Just as you describe it, sharp stabbing pain I BOTH ears. ... (11 replies)
... So, I finally had a TMJ MRI. Both resting jaw, opened, and while opening it. Just got results and there's no pathology. Both joints are well with no signs of any sort of issue. ... (4 replies)
... My mom suffers from chronic pain all the time up the right side of her face, her throat, neck, under her ear, in the ear and her jaw of course. She has been using a heating pad every night and the pain in her jaw has gotten a little better. She suffers in awful pain and it has been going on for months. The dentist said TMJ, but the primary doctor said an ear infection and... (11 replies)
... ear. After about an hour of telling my ENT that I was having problems she was puzzled and did more tests, finally she got this look on her face and pulled out a TMJ brochure. TOO LATE. ... (6 replies)
Is this TMJ?
Jul 20, 2016
... if it's connected in some way with some sort of TMJ issue. I wish I had some answers but I'm trying to figure things out as well with this whole issue. ... (2 replies)
Is this TMJ?
Jul 19, 2016
... Hey there. I am going through permanently swollen lymph nodes, mostly on right side of throat, and swelling behind my ears. I have shorting pains in my chest, and some bloating around the lower sternum, weird pains in my arms from time to time, and in my neck. They feel like electrical jolts a lot of thr time. I also have a pain under the right side of my jaw. I feel like... (2 replies)
... SamJayne. . . Sammy, You have really suffered. TMJ is very painful. Yes, the ears, throat, neck,jaw, sinus, etc. are all in play. ... (2 replies)
Maybe this IS TMJ?
Mar 25, 2016
... I've had neck and throat pain for years, and my teeth have always been a pain. ... (1 replies)
... So to update you on my journey. I saw the TMJ specialist. Not all dentists claiming to treat TMJ actually know what they are doing so make sure you seek out the best with lots of analytical equipment and such. ... (1 replies)
... Are these typical TMJ symptoms? ... (1 replies)
... I also have severe TMJ and have had TMJ pain on that side about the same amount of time. That whole side of my jaw hurts and clicks when I open my mouth and locks occasionally. ... (0 replies)

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