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... I won't need splints, mouth guards and all those other apparatuses because I didn't get this until they made some teeth too short, and sure enough when I had One tooth built up a lot of pain went away along with the tooth sensitivity. ... (14 replies)
Grinding and TMJ
Sep 11, 2010
... but of course he refused to telling me I now had TMJ implying that TMJ and dental work had nothing to do with each other or did not go hand in hand. ... (3 replies)
Braces and TMJ
Sep 7, 2010
... I am now suffering with TMJ as well. I wanted to know where I can find the study you mentioned? ... (7 replies)

Braces and TMJ
Jun 5, 2009
... reatment with a upper cervical chiro or other atlernative treatments or therapies to help things along. That part of treatment is often referred to as Phase I of tmj treatment. ... (7 replies)
TMJ Tinnitus?
Apr 9, 2009
... but the best way to determine if it is tmj or not is to rule out other medical possibilities and then be evaluated by a dentist trained and knowledgeable in tmj. ... (7 replies)
TMJ Tinnitus?
Mar 27, 2009
... d tinnitus. Also, as the teeth erupt, the bite sometimes is affected or shifts to accomodate them and this too contributes to the the jaw clicking or popping and tooth sensitivity. ... (7 replies)
... Before my tmj started I was clenching in the morning just before I was fully awake while I stretched and tossed about a bit in an effort to get up and turn off the alarm - but as soon as I was fully awake I would realize I had a headache and take 2 aspirins and it would ease up just before lunchtime although sometims it did linger all day long too. So yes, grinding or... (2 replies)
... I wouldn't rule tmj out - but most tmj sufferers have other symptoms even if they don't have jaw popping or clicking such as jaw pain - like neuraliga or a slight ache along the jaw line, increased tooth sensitivity, grinding or clenching, changes in the appearance of teeth or their position, gum tissue or bone recession or headaches upon waking up - in other words there are... (4 replies)
... I have been reading the posts about suppliments for TMJ . I have suffered with TMJ for about 20 years . ... (3 replies)
Tmj ?
Nov 17, 2007
... grinding, etc. so they ignore or brush aside some of the more minor symptoms that occur over years like jaw aching or tooth sensitivity, headaches, bone loss , etc. ... (12 replies)
... In its purest sense tmj or tmd stands for tempormandibular joint or temporamandibular dysfunction. ... (5 replies)
... It kind of sounds more like a sinus problem but it could also be a mild flareup of tmj - some people do get periodic flareups of tmj and it resolves itself over time but tmj left untreated over time will start to produce some type of evidence either with the teeth not lining up, a shifting bite, shifting teeth, teeth feeling loose, flattening of the tooth surfaces, increased... (2 replies)
... The swelling in front of the ear definitely indicates tmj - probably due to the overbite, grinding or clenching at night or malocculsion. Before my tmj shifted into high gear I was noticing an increase in tooth sensitivity on one side, recurring tooth pain that would go away with aspirin, feeling tired and achey in the lower jaw, clenching only when waking up and then finally... (3 replies)
... ile, but I still have pain when it doesn't. My symptoms are pain in both lower jaws just below the ear. Ear pressure but is relieved by moving lower jaw forward. Tooth sensitivity and neck and shoulder muscles ache. If anyone has found what type of specialist has helped let me know. ... (18 replies)
... TMJ pain, ear pain and pressure, temporal headaches, cheek pain, tooth sensitivity, neck and shoulder pain. ... (6 replies)
... I just found this board and am hoping someone can help me out there....I went to my dentist last year complaining of my jaw popping on the right side. When this happens the right side of my face hurts and my jaw almost feels loose. I get a lot of headaches and neck pain. A lot of the time the headaches and pain happen around the same time as my jaw starts popping. It doesn't... (7 replies)
... So on occasion I get like sensitivity in the tooth which hits the jaw and then goes down into the neck and right shoulder. It's like the bad dental triggered a whole chain reaction. ... (15 replies)
... However, I can't believe this happened to me and I want to warn others about this dangerous dental procedure as my bite was fine and I had no TMJ symptoms at all before. ... (0 replies)
... TMJ pain, ear pain and pressure, temporal headaches, cheek pain, tooth sensitivity, neck and shoulder pain. ... (0 replies)
... Just wondered if any of you have found that when you have an episode of TMJ, your teeth feel more sensitive to cold/hot etc? I read on a website that they can be linked. (9 replies)

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