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... Hi misty sorry for the delayed response I have been dealing with even more new symptoms with this idiot dentist trying to get me right but only making me worse. So my eye issues have improved, it was more a blurred vision thing more so from my bite being collapsed too much with a combo of crying and too much computer watching...searching for understanding. I never had... (9 replies)
... (9 replies)
... For a while, I had severe lower eyelid twitching which has stopped for the past week or so.. ... (9 replies)

... he did touch my teeth so now I feel they will never be the same and the more I jump around the worse it can get. Good thing your teeth weren't altered. Does the tmj cause you to grind or clench? ... (22 replies)
... My tmj was caused by an injury horseback riding when I was about 17 years old. My right tmj disc is displaced. I took a lot of advil to combat headaches around that time and went to a couple of doctors.. ... (22 replies)
... My blepharospasm (involuntary eyelid twitching) has improved since I started treatment a couple of months ago. Involuntary nose flares and lip twitching/quivering has decreased as well. Mind you, I also have hemifacial spasm which is not caused by TMJD, but some of those symptoms aren't nearly as bad as they were a couple of months ago. I'm amazed at the symptoms that... (6 replies)
... Your's does not sound like the typical muscle related TMJ that they usually see. ... (12 replies)
... Thanks for the reply all. And I am so sorry for all of your pain. I was diagnosed with TMJ by my dentist 15 years ago and last year by a TMJ specialist. I have a permanent splint put in 2 months ago and would, really, really, really like to rip it out of my head. ... (12 replies)
... It sounds like you also need to see a neurologist for the twitching, etc. There can be other reasons for that. And it may have started with the TMJ stuff, but not be related, you know? ... (12 replies)
... I have to say when my bad dental work happened in January and the tmj kicked in I have had some really strange things happen. I also have what seems like a full body tremor... ... (12 replies)
... I not sure how you doctor determined your diagnoses of TMJ. Did he order an MRI? Does you condition involve just muscles or muscles and joint clicking and joint pain? I only thing I know for sure is if you splint doesn't help or makes it worse, don't wear it. Vitamin d takes a while to build back up. Make sure your getting plenty in your diet as while as supplement. Get... (12 replies)
... mg Ibuprophen does nada and muscle relaxers just make me sleepy. Anyone out there gone through the TMJ splint treatment that had this happen? ... (12 replies)
Tmj sufferer
May 28, 2015
... n in jaw area and head. Stopped seeing Chiropractor and during the fall beginning of winter not bad. My kids get sick I start with the symptoms again with muscle twitching everywhere. Forgot to mention have been wearing a devise in mouth 10 months. ... (1 replies)
Eyes twitching?
Mar 22, 2014
... Go see your eye doctor - it could possibly be related to TMJ - I know pain around my TMJ Joint can radiate around my outer eye - though it doesn't cause twitching - but its possible a nerve is getting irritated - it could also be muscle fatigue. Go see your doctor and get it checked out - it probably isn't anything serious (2 replies)
... stress is starting to abate a bit BUT it will take time to get my face back to normal I wear my splint at night seeing my TMJ Dentist next week first time in over 5 years! ... (2 replies)
... Probably a nerve did get iritated. But if its been a week and you are still in this much pain go back and see your dentist and discuss it with him and if he can't ive you adequate answers go see a neurologist or a dentist specialising in TM or oral facial pain disorders. Take care. (14 replies)
... Hi everyone, I just was told I had TMJ. I think its been going on for a couple of years after having a cracked tooth worked on, plus I have tension in my neck so I don't know what came first. I also have twitching, burning in my face sometimes. Touching the nerve starts it up or if I press on the muscles in my neck my nose will twitch. I know its not Trigemingial... (14 replies)
... nds like the lead singer of a band or something. anyway, sorry to hear about your problems. that truly blows. i understand some of the neck pain issues, bc my TMJ is causing problems with my swallowing and sometimes when i wake up it feels like my throat closed up and is very sore. ... (21 replies)
Tmj help
Aug 3, 2013
... Briefly they are, muscle stiffness from neck to lower back, ringing in right ear, feeling that my bite is off, blurry vision in right eye, and most recently eye twitching in the right eye. I have tried to deal with all of this but recently it's getting bad enough to really get in the way of everyday life. ... (2 replies)
... sounds like a fly is in there, happens when I turn my neck, burning and twitching of my face and of course pain and clicking in my jaw. I just went to the denist yest and he said TMJ. ... (13 replies)

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