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... Hi Nick , There are some similarities. The TMJ , my jaws sink back because of no back teeth , Ground down teeth ( I do have some of my own left) , muscles spasm in masseters neck trapezius also scalenes and SCM's . I also have Sacroiliac joint dysfunction in my pelvis and of course getting the right height issue for the teeth. . It should have been straight forward for me . I... (24 replies)
... is very flat, but I do have a pseudo disc. I have an 'over closed' bite from years of grinding, which is pushing my jaw back. My masseters are very tight, along with neck and trapezius. I also have a pelvic floor problem which only adds to all my alignment issues. ... (24 replies)
TMJ and Dentures
Sep 7, 2004
... Do any of you with TMJ have dentures? ... (1 replies)

... i have never seen an actual splint before, so excuse me if i sound dumb. how would splint therapy work for people with dentures? ... (0 replies)
... Hi I have TMJ with Tinnitus . Recently seen Integrated Dentist who adapted Dentures both lower and above which are both partial by adding height on both to level out my jaw. ... (1 replies)
TL- how are you
Jul 9, 2008
... I'm begining to think its harder to treat tmj with dentures, at least I'm having a hard time. Any word from your dentist yet? ... (79 replies)
... ive been looking into getting dentures are parcales my front teeth are still good but sence i got tmj the dentist said because of the open bite and something with the air i will keep getting cavites i bearly have any back teeth left this is not what caused my tmj i stared losing my teeth after i found out about my tmj but i think it made my pain worse i dont have any teeth... (1 replies)
TMJ and the Ear
Dec 1, 2006
... I was wondering if your tmj started with dentures or did you have it before then? ... (5 replies)
... Am so glad you have some good news and also good for me to talk with someone with dentures and TMJ. ... (5 replies)
... I would say that since you have had so many problems with your teeth, I would just have the rest pulled and go with dentures. I have severe TMJ and I am having to do braces all over again because my bite is a "cross bite" meaning my bottom teeth do not meet correctly with my top teeth. ... (7 replies)
... tmj or am I the only one. I just recently got tmj a month ago after having new dentures for 3 months.I have popping in my R. joint and ear ache. I am now getting the temple headaches. ... (2 replies)
TMJ and Dentures
Sep 8, 2004
... I"m a clencher as it turned out, so sometimes of course I will still have some pain, but not anything like when I have slept with my upper in. At this point, with the agonizing ear pain I have, the locked jaws, and a never ending list of other problems from TMJ, I say, whatever relieves, DO it!! ... (1 replies)
... I hate to disagree with my fellow TMJers, but sometimes there is a cure for TMJ. I'm living proof of it. ... (9 replies)
... I have the most experience with Baltimore, as this is where my surgical splint was made and my TMJ total joint replacement was done. ... (5 replies)
... No, seriously, I have a top plate, and a bottom plate. I've had them for about four years and I'm thrilled with them. ... (265 replies)
... I have full dentures, an upper plate and a lower plate. I found that they've helped with the TMJ as my dentist has adjusted my bite directly on my dentures. ... (3 replies)
... Did you find getting full dentures helped with your bite and tmj Pegala? ... (3 replies)
... I've been suffering from TMJ for a couple of years now. I went to the dentist for a long overdue cleaning and told him about my problem. ... (6 replies)
... neuro cranial restructiong done in a few days, as I feel at this point most of mine is cranial connected. If that doesn't help I'll try prolotherapy. I wear dentures so after my NCR I will have new ones made. ... (7 replies)
... i wanted to add that most of my muscle spasms and pain have been on the right side, but I got new dentures not long ago, and I got major spasms on both sides of the face a, so I just want to say that I think the bite has alot to do with this. ... (3 replies)

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