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... head and quickly to a headache. This could also relate to my past issues with my immune system though, this with TMJ is an ugly combination and complicated at times. ... (4 replies)
... A bit of background, I had TMJ for many many years, went and got a splint last winter, got my TMJ better because of the split. ... (4 replies)
... I've had TMJ and facial pain for nearly 7 years now and currently on the road to recovery...hopefully that is, since seeing a good TMJ doctor in Japan. I have been dealing with severe tmj and trigeminal pain for years. ... (0 replies)

... t just have TMJ issues alone, so that is something to think about on haw things link in. ... (10 replies)
... combination of PT, stretching and massage to relieve tension and get my overall body alignment correct. I still have to manage this and do this by doing a mix of yoga and stretching and exercise to strengthen the body which has imbalances from not just the shoulder injury but also another permanent one. ... (3 replies)
TMJ Help
Mar 5, 2013
... right now im on a fixed diet due to weaning off ppi medicine and possibly going to be having hiatal hernia surgery i eat plain chicken cutlets with veggies for dinner lunch its hard to find stuff to eat,bananas,yogurt my main stresses are health issues my stomach and this jaw issue the stomach has been going on for years with little positive results and the jaw took a... (9 replies)
TMJ Help
Mar 5, 2013
... Do you have any other stress at the moment, apart from tmj etc? ... (9 replies)
... No MRI or scan they pretty much said my lower jaw is slanted to the left although my bite is off a bit.No noise no joint pain.All my pain is muscular neck/shoulder.Right now my specalist explained to me that the lower splint should correct my bite inturn correct my muscle spasms,and told me to continue my trigger point therapy and massage therapy,stretching and posture... (4 replies)
... to understand the symptoms better and to get an idea of derealization as I have not heard it before. At the moment I am trying to learn as much as possible about TMJ and causes to understand it personally and if I can find any tips that will work for me. ... (18 replies)
Tmj splint
Oct 23, 2012
... h a splint in the UK, and also had orthodontics at the same time to reposition my lower jaw further forward. Before treatment I had a very loud clunk in my right TMJ on every opening, which now only occurs when I move my jaw while cleaning my teeth. ... (12 replies)
Tmj splint
Sep 17, 2012
... nths but no change yet. Have now been prescribed to take valium to take anxiety away from trauma I went through. I am dibilitated at moment but force myslf to do yoga and go for short walks. My symptoms are mainly eye pressure, neck clicking and pain,ear pressure,restricted opening of jaw. ... (12 replies)
... f and on for 13 years now. Mine started when I was 15. I got heat stroke at the beach, passed out and hit a fence post on the way down. Gave me trauma to my left TMJ and whiplash. It wasn't properly treated then. I lived in West Virginia at the time and there were no specialists. ... (9 replies)
... years ago and even today TMJ is mistreated leaving people WORSE. ... (0 replies)
... What helps me is the right kind of exercise to strengthen the muscles, yoga to stretch them. In addition, I started using the Feldenkrais method and I can recommend that. ... (6 replies)
... What helps me is the right kind of exercise to strengthen the muscles, yoga to stretch them. In addition, I started using the Feldenkrais method and I can recommend that. ... (6 replies)
... teeth on the lower left bottom. Ranging from my left wisdom to next to my left front tooth is the teeth I am missing. I have only been told TMJ by one dentists and also see a PT who doesn't believe its TMJ but cervical. Anyhow I know TMJ is "complex" anbd I feel it is looked at too indepth. ... (14 replies)
... yes, I have noticed it, too, sitting makes it worse.... now I'm trying to find healthy postures for sitting ang standing.... in certain potitions my jaw clicks, in others, it doesn't. so i guess I should always find a posture where it does not click... now I have started yoga. (2 replies)
... i also sleep on my back mostly with a flatish pillow to rest the jaws ................i also do daliy stretches for the whole body and am going to start yoga tohelp relax.......i dont want to be on drugs for to long but they are helping so i will stick with them until i feel like the tmj is under control.............. ... (6 replies)
... Also, Lana....was wondering what your recovering entailed? Did you use the Therabite? If so, how often did you have to do it and for how many months. Anything else that helped, like Physical Therapy, yoga, accupuncture, chiropractor, massage? I guess i'm just trying to figure out if i've done what i should for my recovery or if i've slacked and that's why i'm not... (11 replies)
... Hi Everyone, This is my first posting here. I dont know how to start a new thread, so I will post here. I feel so happy that my 'TMD' has almost disapeared that i am really hoping I can help others, which is why I am here. Firstly, this has caused my 'TMD'... As an infant I caught golden staph in hospital and have scoliosis. It is a mild form and I have never had... (15 replies)

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