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... Hi Alex and welcome. It could be that you have ovulated late this month which happens from time to time. ... (5 replies)
... its really strange this month, things seem abit different! ... (8 replies)
... Ok.. so today I am on CD 21. I believe I ovulated about a week ago.. However, yesterday and today I have had a lot of clear, EWCM. I don't ever remember seeing it this late in my cycle. ... (14 replies)

... Is this your normal ovulation or is it different this cyclce? ... (3 replies)
... Yeah, I was sick last cycle and that was before I O'd and I was only a day or two late for O that cycle, so I'd be surprised if it would effect this cycle. ... (11 replies)
... I haven't done any tests this month, I'm doing them next month. So would I still get a positive result even if I don't ovulate? ... (7 replies)
Im confused
Oct 9, 2007
... The reason you are late this month could very well be because you are pregnant, but could also be because you ovulated later than you normally do. Especially after stopping BC pills, it could take your body a few months to get back into its own natural rhythm. ... (5 replies)
... I am officially one day late, was due for AF yesterday. i was late last month by 3days but counted from the day i got AF to work out this months due date. do you think its too early to test? ... (3 replies)
... That is possible. I think that I may have ovulated late. I don't know exactly when or when I will. This is my second month TTC. ... (5 replies)
... m not sure when I ovulated. I'v only been tracking my cycles since aug. I've had a couple that were 23 days, one 24 and one 25. I was thinking that I might have ovulated late this last month because of the increased cm that started around the 28th and didn't end until around the 1st of jan. ... (5 replies)
Dec 5, 2006
... This means that I should be ovulating today. We did the BD last night. I just keep worring that maybe I already ovulated, and we BD too late this month. ... (131 replies)
... this month. So therefore this wouldnt show the right levels that they wanted to see when they tested on day 21, and they should of actually been testing later. ... (3 replies)
... g it will be helpful, because I feel the same way about bbt. I know I'll probably have to do it, but it all sounds so confusing. I'm hoping to get the job done this month too. My cycle was very strange this month. I ovulated late and AF arrived a week late and with a vengeance. ... (12 replies)
... This past week has been crazy. I didn't feel I ovulated this month, AF was late, and my minds been all over the place. I never thought getting pregnant would be so difficult and at the same time confusing. ... (12 replies)
... You could also be ovulating late this month. I have ovulated as late as cycle day 23 before. Keep temping. You will probably notice a change soon. ... (9 replies)
... if you had major stress this month, you may have ovulated late, causing your period to be late. Just a thought. ... (6 replies)
... I have been on clomid for 4 cycles. Here is how this past cycle has gone. ... (0 replies)
... im in exactly the same situation as you this month, this is also my first month using OPK's and charting. im finding it really stressful. Im on CD18 today and like you, havent ovulated yet. ... (10 replies)
... I posted yesterday complaining about my BFN and no ovulation this month. I had had it with this TTC stuff. I was slamming doors, throwing things around, and mumbling under my breath all day. Finally, I sat down and just prayed my heart out. ... (2 replies)
... Yes, it can be that you ovulated late and the only way you would be able to tell if you had would be to temp and, or, use opks, microscopes etc. ... (1 replies)

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