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I had a TURP done 2 years ago - also have chronic Prostatitis and lots more. My doctor said flat out no to removing the prostate unless there is cancer present. I also had cancer found on the path report, but didn't show on the prostate biopsy performed after 3 months. He said the side effects are too much. Of course this is your decision, but you have a 4 month recovery ahead of you and way too soon to think about more surgery. Wait for the path report to come back and then discuss this with your doctor. Usually the TURP will help the Prostatitis, but the healing process is rather long. It takes forever for the area to heal and get back to some kind of numbness. Take the pain medication and try to relax for at least the initial 6 - 12 week healing process. You will be more able to make better decisions at that time.
I passed stones for a few weeks after my prostate biopsy and my doctor just shrugged off the stone issue - seems to be normal in anyone over 55. I would be more concerned with the path report first and then start thinking about these issues!


There is Dr. Krongrad who is doing a study on removing the prostate for chronic Prostatitis and they are pain free right away.(Krongard Institute in Florida)
The problem with a TURP is they may have left stones in the prostate and the pain and infections never go away.
What kind of pain medicine works?.I am taking Hydrocodone and the pain is still severe.
How long did you keep your foley in? How long does the pain last after surgery?
This consumes your life.
Thanks for the info.
Thanks Lenny,

Hope ou do not mind all the questions.
Did you have bleeding and for how long.
Every patient I talked to from Dr.krongard said when they removed the prostate they were pain free after one day and feel they have their life back.
Dr. Krongard is supposed to be one of the best at removing prostates because this is the only surgery he does now.
If you look at the Prostatitis Foundation web site they have a link to his study and patients.
I was told that the Turp may not get all the stones and infected area and the symptoms get worse. I have been in constant pain since the surgery.
Since I am in a wheelchair I am always sitting.
How long did you have sever pain after the surgery and what type of pain medicine did you take and did it work?
Thanks again.


The Foley usually stays in for 3 to 4 days. That helps the area heal or the bleeding to stop. You will have lots of discomfort sitting for a while - I still use a donut when sitting and it helps big time. You should give it some time to heal and the swelling to go down before making any judgments. I just don't know if it is better to have the prostate removed. It is best to get some feedback from those who had their prostates removed and see what they have to say. You still have a long way to go on this recovery so be patient.


I did not have any bleeding after the Foley was removed, but did have bleeding while the Foley was in. That is normal and that is the reason they leave it in for 3 or 4 days - it helps heal the area they removed the tissue from. They do not remove any infected material - that is in the sacks. What it does do is allow more normal urine flow and stops the urine back flow which causes the stones to form. You have a big problem being in a wheel chair. Order a donut ASAP - it will take the pressure off the prostate area. I think that will help you big time. You are right about having the prostate removed is the only way to get rid of the stones and infected area. Sometimes a good dose of antibacterial medication will do the trick, but it doesn't last forever. You seem eager to have it removed. You have to do what makes you happy - everyone I know who had it re moved needs to wear depends. It is a personal decision - gather all your facts and weigh the good and bad points and go from there. I think the doctor will not perform the surgery unless you need it. It is still too soon to think about another procedure so heal a little and then make your decision. It is not an easy recovery and does take a lot longer than they will tell you. One of my friends just had his removed and said he felt good after they removed the catheter. They leave it in for about a week with the prostate removal - lots of healing needs to happen before they remove the catheter.


It sounds like you are describing me. You are fortunate that the motrin helps with your pain. I had the procedure one day before you and I am STILL RECOVERING! Some days it feel as though I am not feeling well and the symptoms return. I am constantly feeling weak and tired and it is hard to exercise without becoming winded pretty quick. I take Norco for the pain two to three times a day depending on the symptoms. I too had a tight neck on the bladder and the medication (Hytrin and Valium (low dose)) were not relieving the symptoms and so my uro and I decided on the TURP. After doing the research I am the one who requested the surgery and I am not unhappy that I did request it. After the surgery I had a period of time that I started to feel much better then my symptoms returned just like yours. The one difference is that I still get up at night at least two times. I went back to the uro on June 17th and he told me that there are no guarantees with this procedure and I knew that. To operate for pain and discomfort is not a guarantee as there is no way to tell if the treatment got rid of the cause as the nerve endings and muscles can throw symptoms of something that is not the problem as they are all in the same area. He suggested that I return to taking the hytrin and valium in a low dose to treat the symptoms. I still take the Norco and it helps! The uro indicated that if there is damage to the nerves it can take six months to start feeling relief. I asked him about other procedures and he said he would not consider removing any more of the prostate as it has ramifications of impotence if it is removed. I agree with this. I would have to say my symptoms that drove me to requesting the surgery to open the bladder neck and increase the flow and the prostate pain are gone. They have been replaced by a different pain which I am hoping will go away in time. The good news is that the pain can be controlled and the other symptoms were not controlled very well. So I guess something is better than nothing. It does no good looking back the only thing you can do is move forward. I don't think your uro made a mistake. Working on the prostate is not an exact science. Most uros tend to discount the symptoms as it is frustrating for them to deal with them and one that I saw over the years made me feel as if it was in my head. I have been dealing with this for over twenty years and I am glad that I am taking a positive position of not just accepting the pain. I feel that I will get better and so will you. Honestly, I have spoken to people who have had similar procedures and it has taken them a year to feel better. Hang in there and let me know if I can help!

In my post a few weeks ago or so, I was 4 months post TUIP and still having on/off perrineal pain. Soreness/pressure in the rectum like when you have to move your bowels whuich radiated to the penis. When the pain was present I also felt the urge to urinate even if I just went. In my case it seems like prostatitis is not the issue at all and that the nerves and tissue is still in a kind of post-operative shock period. At least that's what my Uro believes. I had a sonogram, and a pelvic/abdomen MRI done and all looks normal. There is a bundle of nerves down there I forgot the name (pereanagle or something) if irritated will cause pain to radiate to the penis, rectum and lower pelvic area. My Uro put me a little Uroxatrol and a low dose of Amytriptiline 10 mg to relax the muscles and nerves down there. So far it has helped greatly, although I still get a little discomfort towards the rectum once every 2 weeks or so. I'm hoping this to will settle down more and I can stoptaking any medication for this after all I had the surgery to fix the problem of urination which it did but I don't want another problem in it';s place. Nothing is an exact answer in this area. I hope you figure out what is causing your prostatitis and that you feel better in the immediate future. Sorry I can't shed any more light on your situation.
Good Evening,

I had the surgery in March and I am still sore. I had chronic prostatitis for several years and lived with it until I finally convinced the Urologist to do the TURP. Some days I feel better and some days not so good. I returned to work in one and a half weeks and I think that has slowed my recovery. I am hoping it will gradually get better but at this time I am guessing it will take me a year to see if the surgery was successful. Hang in there! By the way, do any of you have increased pain after an ejaculation? After sex I am really sore for about a week. Thanks,

I've registered here on behalf of my dad who underwent a TURP in January 2011. He had a catheter for almost 5 weeks afterwards since the bladder wasn't contracting well enough. He had 'infection' again, also epididymo-orchitis on the right side about 5 weeks after the surgery for which he was hospitalised again which led to some complications.

Anyway, I see that a lot of people have issues of pain and discomfort while sitting after this surgery for a long time.

The Urologist hasn't mentioned prostatitis, but from all that I'm reading, it seems to be the issue for my dad. There is pain and tenderness in a spot close to the anus, very troublesome while sitting and shooting pains in it off and on.

I was wondering whether the shooting pains indicate a flare up of infection or is it just something to be expected off and on??

Has anyone noticed mild fever off and on with this problem?

Also, there is swelling of the feet, right foot more than the left. Any ideas if that is expected? Did anyone else have that after the surgery? It cleared up for a while and now has reappeared since more than a week.

From all that I read, it seems pus cells show up in the urine for a long time after surgery.

Would really appreciate some replies from your experiences!


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