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Hi hope someone can help me on here. For the past few days, and rather suddenly, I started having a strong constant urge to pee, to the point that I would go every few minutes. It kept me awake at night too. I thought I would rule out any possible std, so I first went to the health clinic where they gave me an injection of Ceftriaxone (an antibiodic) and 2 tablets of Zithromax. Later that night I got really sick and ran a fever of 100 but it soon passed. Today I went to my actual Dr and he gave me a Urinealysis which came back negative for any infection. He also did a culture, which will take a few days to come back. He didn't give me anymore antibiodics since he said the shot I had would have covered any infection..However, I'm still feeling pressure and the constant need to pee. Like every few minutes, but I'm not producing much pee at all when I go...even after I drink a still seems like there isn't much pee...color-wise it looks okay just clear/yellow. When I go, it seems I have to strain to get the pee to come out of my urethra. I have to use my hands to massage or coax it out sometimes. The doctor told me I shouldn't be worried about a prostate problem since I'm young (29). But why am I having this constant need to pee if the urinealysis was negative? I mentioned to him that I might have a small internal hemmoroid that I am going to get fixed soon and he said that would not cause the frequent need to pee. Would the urinalysis have shown any cystitis or prostate infection if it was there? Will the culture show anything? How much longer should I give this to clear up, or will it? I have only been drinking water and juice, and one sprite earlier...I am hiv-poz but am on Atripla, and undetectable, and have done well on the medication...Im just starting to wonder what this could be. Would really appreciate some input, thanks!

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