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I am a 55 year old woman who has not had a period in 13 years. recently i was scheduled for tests for a heart problem and my blood work showed pregnancy. knew that was impossible!!!!! I just had a vaginal ultrasound and it showed thickened endometrium. i have had no bleeding but have had some pain in lower abdomen. Report said that there was evidence of benign and malignant etiologies. Dr. is sending me to have a biopsy done. Has anyone else out there had similar symptoms and was yours uterine cancer? Thank you for your input. I am concerned as cancer is prevalent in my family.
You are wise to get this checked out. I too have a thickened uterine lining and mine turned out NOT to be cancer. Even though it could be, it is more likely to be something else. Hormones can cause so many issues in our bodies. Let us know what they say.


I am having the same problem..................did you ever find out what the cause of your discomfort was from. I also had a vaginal ultrasound that came back fine, but I've been having cramping....

Any comments would be much appreciated.


I was having cramping.....rather like a period pain......which I ignored as 'one of those things!' Smear of blood sent me to Dr. Biopsy and uterine cancer. Please get checked thoroughly.
Vickichar I had 19 months of no periods- i'm 52 and then had bleeding in June and July - ultrasound showed 8.5mm thickened endometrium (should be less than 4mm in post menopausal woman) I am having hysteroscopy and D&C today eek! I also have family history of cancers so a bit concerned but there are lots of other causes of thickened endometrium too, so get yours checked out.
Will let you know how I get on
Hi Mc

I'm curious because I, too, have a thickened endometrium and I'm awaiting insurance approval to have a hysteroscopy as well as my lining is 9!!!!!!!!!!!! Course, being a worry wort that I am, I terrified that they will find cancer, although had a vaginal ultrasound and it was fine except for the thickening.....

What brought you to have this test done...bleeding? cramps? what? I'm so curious.

Thank you so much and I surely hope everything went fine with you.

I had two periods of post menopausal bleeding in June and July- after the first episode I saw a Gynaecologist and he said my endometrium was 8.5mm thick but wasn't too worried and felt it was a one off. Sent me away with the understanding that if it happened again I would have hysteroscopy. 38 days later it happened again, this time less like a period- brown/pink discharge quite a bit of pain for 24 hours and it lasted for 6 days. Saw gynaecologist on Thursday and he fitted me into his surgical list on Friday. Had examination under anaesthetic (EUA) hysteroscopy and D&C when I came round he showed me pictures of the inside of my uterus- mainly a great deal of scarring from previous microwave endometrial ablation from 2005 for menorrhagia, but at what looks like the top of the uterus was a pink/red area where the bleeding was coming from. He has taken biopsies and I will hear in about a week. I asked him what his gut feeling was about it and he said he thought it looked okay. I now just have to wait for the results.I also have an ongoing problem with a liver lesion which was diagnosed last year and will be having MRI in a couple of weeks to see if that has grown or remained exactly the same- seen more doctors in the last year than in the rest of my lifetime!

I'm just wondering if you could answer a couple of questions. As you can read I've been having uterine cramping as well. I am still on medicine for a bad yeast infection, but what I am wondering you mind me asking your age and how thick your endometrium was? How are you doing? I'm still waiting insurance approval but I am terrified as my thickening is 9mm and of course the cramping thing. I also have had a discharge (doc says some of it is natural and I'm like at 62???).......

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Hello and how are you doing? Been watching the boards to see if you have heard from the biopsies????

I hope this finds you well.


Haven't had the result yet:( so trying to keep busy with work etc- will let you know when I hear.
Hi S.Cute! I was 65 when all this started. Have no idea re thickness etc as I was biopsied and in hospital 8 days later. All a bit of a blurr!! Had 2 tumors in bladder which were scraped before radiotherapy. Have rare carcinosarcoma 3/4. Lost some lymph glands so do have slight lymphedema in my left leg. Two years and I'm good. Three scans show no probs and if the one coming up says the same that is a big plus apparently. I also had slight discharge but had been told that was a norm...a slight blood show, one smear only basically, sent me to the Dr fast and after that it was all go!! Normal cervical smear tests can miss the cells, even though my Dr said she went higher into the uterus than the norm, as the problem is high in the uterus.
Hello Again!

May I ask how long you had this cramping thing going on? See, I have had the cramping off and on for over 4 years, but of course now the ultrasound showed the thick endometrium and doc says cramping or no cramping at a 9mm reading, women should be checked just to make sure. Did you ever take hormones? I took them for about 2 years off and on and haven't had anything for over 5 years now....I'm dealing with the flashes etc 'cold turkey'....(:-( I have health anxiety and this is just bothering me to my core.

Glad things are going well for you and I hope you continue down that path.


Hello Kathy,
Had the cramping for about three years and ignored it as I had always been fit/healthy so thought it was age creeping up! Was on HRT for many years and when I queried the time element Dr said I had more chance of being hit by a bus than harmed. Don't know about that...there is no cancer history in the family. Was very ignorant of uterine signs....much publicity re cervical etc but uterine never entered my head yet when I did read the info the signs were there for me. Try to be annoyed about the hiccup in your life rather than anxious as I was told that attitude is half the battle.
So, Celia....................was this cramping and everyday thing or once every few months or???????????? I'm sorry for buggin you....See, I'm going to be 62 and I still have hot flashes (sometimes I think they have gotten worse over the past couple years) and still have rotten palpitations.....hormonal? Who knows.

Thanks Again!

Hi Kathy. Pretty much every day, varied in intensity and not long lasting, just nuisance value so I didn't take much notice other than to think 'should I bother anyone with this!' Mostly in the morning but I put it down to caring for large animals and lifting etc. Now I'm wondering how I could have been so thick of course!
And, this went on for how long?
Three years or so .... and probably would have continued if the slight blood show hadn't taken me to the Dr.
[QUOTE=cejayb;4053029]Three years or so .... and probably would have continued if the slight blood show hadn't taken me to the Dr.[/QUOTE]

Wow Celia................and what was the final verdict? I mean what was the stage of your uterine/endometrial cancer? I'm so glad to hear that you are doing so well! (:-)
Also, Celia............did you have any ovary pain with the cramping? When you had the biopsy, was it an endometrial biopsy or a hysteroscopy?
No ovary cramping. Hysteroscopy first but he was unable to get adequate cells on account of blood. Biopsy surgery with overnight stay. Missed your first question. Biopsy showed stage 3. Bladder took it to 3/4. Bladder tumours removed and site included in the radiotherapy.
called the gynae Drs office yesterday to see if they had result of biopsy- they have told me all is normal and I will get confirmation letter in post so one less thing to worry about;) Hope everyone else is doing fine

So glad that your biopsy was negative. Now you can go on with your life! Other than the freak bleeding, were you having any other symptoms? I'm still waiting to hear from Doc's office about insurance approval (should be this week). I stopped cramping for about a week and so I don't know if it is from this yeast infection or if it could be something sinister since my endo lining showed 9mm on the ultrasound. Other than the 9 mm, everything else was clear!
Hi, so glad I found this board. I recently had a IUD removed and they took an ultra sound to look to see if any broke off. They found that the endometrium was 10mm. The Dr. wants to rule out that it is from the difficult removal and has scheduled anothe ultra sound for two months. If it is still thick she wants to do a d& C to check for cancer I think. Anyone know of any other reson for a thick lining. My brother died of cancer I am very scared. I am 58 please help.

The D&C is just to clean out the excess lining. They will send the lining to pathology to see what it contains. I would think that your doctor is thinking it may be caused by the excess estrogen you maybe were producing with the IUD.
If your doctor was thinking cancer as being the cause, she, I would assume do an endometrial biopsy, which is typically the standard of care for a women with a thicken endometrium.
When I had a thicken endometrium in 11/07 (18mm) my doctor did the endometrial biopsy and then performed a hystroscope and d&c. The biopsy was negative but because I could not take any hormonal medication, he opted to simple go in and perform the D&C to remove the lining.
The other reason for a thicken endometrium is a uterine polyp. These types of polyps are also normally benign. Is your doctor going to request that a hystrogram (I think that is what I had done last year) also be perform at the time of your follow up ultasound? The radiologist puts a small tube up and injects a small amount of saline solution. This expands your uterus so that they can see if there are any polyps present.
I hope I gave you some useful information.
Thanks so much for the info. She said she wanted to riule out hyperplasia and precancerous cells. So I guess a biopsy would be sent out with the D &C. What should I expect with this procedure? She said the thickening may have been due to bleeding from the IUD removal she didn't mention excess estrogenI have been post menopausal for 2 years. Do you know if you make excess estrogen with an IUD? Thanks again!
Hi - I'm very glad to find this thread. I am 46, no children - great step-children, though! I was only on the pill for about a month once. I'm also subclinically hypothyroid. I stopped getting my period in the latter half of 2009. I did not get it in 2010. In May, 2010, I had a normal transvaginal ultrasound. My uterine lining was 2 mm thick, no cysts. I thought I was in menopause, though my primary doctor never checked my FSH or LH at that time.

Suddenly, last month (January) I started spotting & then had a period - that whole process lasted ~10 days, much longer than the 5 day periods I used to have. It stopped for a week, then started again, heavier. I went straight to the doctor, who thought my pelvic exam was normal, but sent me for another ultrasound. This time I had cysts on both ovaries & my lining was 15 mm!! However, blood tests of my FSH & LH showed that I was not in menopause.

I went to a gynecologist yesterday. She told me that it appeared I was trying to ovulate. She put me on Prometrium 200 mg to get the bleeding to stop. Then she will do a biopsy. I am just stunned that my lining could thicken that much in 9 months. But I have been having a stressful life over these months & "self-medicating" with chocolate, dairy & diet soda, plus not exercising much. :jester:
No more!

I was a little calmer yesterday after seeing her, as she said this wasn't unheard of for someone my age. But today, I'm back to freaking out. I appreciate hearing about Kali's experience. Has anyone else been through something similar?

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