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... I'm curious because I, too, have a thickened endometrium and I'm awaiting insurance approval to have a hysteroscopy as well as my lining is 9!!!!!!!!!!!! ... (25 replies)
... C today eek! I also have family history of cancers so a bit concerned but there are lots of other causes of thickened endometrium too, so get yours checked out. ... (25 replies)
... y i was scheduled for tests for a heart problem and my blood work showed pregnancy. knew that was impossible!!!!! I just had a vaginal ultrasound and it showed thickened endometrium. i have had no bleeding but have had some pain in lower abdomen. Report said that there was evidence of benign and malignant etiologies. Dr. ... (25 replies)

... thickened endometrium but no bleeding, post menopausal (0 replies)
... I recently had the same procedure as you (camera investigation because of bleeding 3 years after last period) I was found to have a polyp and thickened uterus wall, biopsies were taken and arrangements made for me to have an operation to remove the polyp and D&C which removes the womb lining. I am recovering from that op and my biopsy results were negative for anything nasty ... (3 replies)
... in July. I have a fibroid and following my hysteroscopy was told that I have a thickened wall of the endometrium which is vascular. Any one know what this might mean? ... (3 replies)
... Personally, I would opt for the D&C since there is atypia (atypical cells that are not cancerous but could eventually become cancerous if left there to grow). That prodecure is no big deal, and cleans the uterus out. There should be followup afterward to monitor the endometrium. Never take estrogen therapy without progesterone intermittently, as that will cause the lining to... (7 replies)
... D and C yesterday morning. A half hour procedure took an hour. I had some fibroids which the doctor took samples of and samples of the endometrium before scraping out the 18mm lining. I am recovering at home with some minor cramping and minimal bleeding. Now the wait for the pathology report. ... (7 replies)
... I've had a watery, bloody discharge for months. When I saw my gyn in September, she suggested a pelvic us with transvaginal. It showed a slightly thickened lining. I took progesterone to bring on my period with the intention that by shedding the uterine lining, this would take care of the thickend lining. ... (7 replies)
... He said I was at a higher risk of a thickened lining becoming cancerous. I never questioned anything, because of course, I assumed the Dr knew what he was talking about. ... (8 replies)
... go back to your obgyn and ask for something different as it isn't easy living with heavy periods indefinitely. Regular ultrasound scans would keep an eye on the endometrium thickness. ... (8 replies)
... The other reason for a thicken endometrium is a uterine polyp. These types of polyps are also normally benign. ... (25 replies)
... Hi, so glad I found this board. I recently had a IUD removed and they took an ultra sound to look to see if any broke off. They found that the endometrium was 10mm. The Dr. wants to rule out that it is from the difficult removal and has scheduled anothe ultra sound for two months. ... (25 replies)
... See, I have had the cramping off and on for over 4 years, but of course now the ultrasound showed the thick endometrium and doc says cramping or no cramping at a 9mm reading, women should be checked just to make sure. Did you ever take hormones? ... (25 replies)
... ving uterine cramping as well. I am still on medicine for a bad yeast infection, but what I am wondering you mind me asking your age and how thick your endometrium was? ... (25 replies)
... after the first episode I saw a Gynaecologist and he said my endometrium was 8.5mm thick but wasn't too worried and felt it was a one off. Sent me away with the understanding that if it happened again I would have hysteroscopy. ... (25 replies)
... You are wise to get this checked out. I too have a thickened uterine lining and mine turned out NOT to be cancer. Even though it could be, it is more likely to be something else. ... (25 replies)
... Thank you for this - I think they did a D&C at the same time as I was under a general anaesthetic so hopefully if the biopsy is clear there might not be anything else necessary unless they remove the fibroid. Great to have had two such helpful replies - thank you (3 replies)
... Post-menopausal bleeding is more common than most women realize and is usually nothing serious. It seems to be more common within the 5 years after periods end and can usually be "chalked up" to sporadic ovarian activity since the ovaries continue producing hormones into a woman's 80's. Fibroids or polyps make this more likely to happen. And they can also make the lining... (3 replies)
... Over the years there has been 4 D&C's done and the linning kept growing, because my fat cells are producing all the estrogen I will have to loose this weight to correct this problem. The doctor said that because my body is producing so much estrogen, I probably wouldn't have any problems that go along with a hysterectomy - such as hot flashes. So far I am doing great - so I... (7 replies)

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