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... That Dr. Donahue wasn't real smart. Since viruses are not 'alive' they also can't be 'dead'. Was he a 'whole' doctor or only 'half' a doctor? (28 replies)
... Well I did read an artical today one of those write in aritcals that are national people write in our paper just so happens to print them. Dr. Donahue is his name. And he said there is no way you can get the flu from the flu vaccine since the virsus that is in there is 100% "dead as a dodo" was his words. He said you can get red and sore/swollen and that you can get sick... (28 replies)
... From the CDC : “Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) also results from a loss of myelin. The disorder causes temporary loss of body movement and sensation, usually starting at in the lower parts of the body and moving upwards. Most people who experience GBS recover within 6 to 9 months. Certain vaccines, such as... (28 replies)

... i have had the flu vaccine for the last 3 years and never experienced any side effects. ... (28 replies)
... My sister had a very similar reaction to the flu vaccine. ... (28 replies)
... Apologies but not sure where to post this but believe that it may have been an adverse reaction to something in the flu vaccine. I am a 25 year old male and would appreciate any help or comments with this problem. ... (28 replies)
... I wanted a flu vaccine at the same time but pharmacist asked me to wait 10 days or so. I am glad I did. ... (0 replies)
... Help! I participated in the Avian Flu Vaccine study back in February. I had adverse reactions to the first and second shots, but felt I was doing my duty to continue in the study. ... (3 replies)
... Wondering if anyone knows that if a person has had a reaction to the influenza vaccine if Flumist would be recommended? ... (0 replies)
... Or a 'reaction' to those fine ingredients like aluminum, phenol, antifreeze, mercury, etc. ? (28 replies)
... You may not get the flu from the flu shot BUT, you'll more than likely get SICK from it!!!! ... (28 replies)
... Ok party people...there is virtually no way in hell to get the flu from the shot. Now...I know some of you think science to me bullshwag, and if so, don't even contact me. ... (28 replies)
... btw, i have only had the flu shot once and i only got it because i have asthma and i'm a pre school teacher so i get sick all the time from the kids' germs. ... (28 replies)
... like symptoms soon after it and have never gotten the flu shot again. ... (28 replies)
... ools out there that doctors have at their disposal and sometimes they choose to use them and sometimes they don't. but the point is that there is no cure for the flu virus anyway. plus it's not life threatening in a normal, healthy adult. ... (28 replies)
... like symptoms" was about 3 days AFTER a flu shot. ... (28 replies)
... i was just answering your question. your question was how is the flu diagnoses if not by the symptoms? ... (28 replies)
... Great point torch....MAKES SENSE!!! (28 replies)
... i never said that YOUR doctor uses that method to find out if you have the flu. i just answered your question. you had asked how one can know for sure that they have the flu, other than going by their symptoms. i told you about one way that can be done. why are you being beligerent? (28 replies)
... The flu shot contains the very strains of flu virus of the season. ... (28 replies)

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