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... What are the time spans for the hep shots. Do they only keep you from getting one type of hepatits? ... (4 replies)
... I believe both B & C are transmitted through bodily fluids (I'm not sure about A). Hep B is what is recommended for high risk groups (health care professionals, police, etc). You can be tested to see if you are immune after receiving the vaccinations. If you are concerned about contracting it through massage, you could either not do the inside of the mouth, or wear 2 pairs... (4 replies)
... I don't consider myself to be at high risk. I had the first two shots done because I was in massage therapy and the vaccination is strongly recommended since you are taught how to massage the inside of the mouth. ... (4 replies)

... it is SAFE to get HEP B vaccine during pregnancy. it's recommended that pregnant women who are high risk for contracting hep b get vaccinated. ... (4 replies)
... Recently I had to receive a titer for hep B and to my surprise, the result stated that I am not immune to hep B. ... (2 replies)
Hep b
Feb 12, 2010
... how can you contract hep b if you had the vaccine, i was recently told my hep b test was positive, for antigens....what does this mean....i thought i got the shots to prevent this? ... (1 replies)
... I started a program in the health field and was required to get the hep b vaccination. ... (2 replies)
... tetnus, hep series, and mmr. I am worried about getting sick from these shots. I have not had a vaccination other than meningitis for a long time. ... (3 replies)
Hepatitus Shots
Nov 13, 2007
... The Hep B vaccine does NOT cure Hep B. Vaccines do not CURE any disease if you already have it. ... (4 replies)
Hepatitus Shots
Nov 12, 2007
... Hep A and hep B are given together. usually when you travel. yes you are right you prob don't need both, but that is usually how they will give them to you. ... (4 replies)
Hepatitus Shots
Nov 10, 2007
... If not, then you have no reason to get a Hep B shot. ... (4 replies)
Hepatitus Shots
Nov 6, 2007
... I am getting different answers regarding the Hepatitus A and B shots. My husband and I are in our late 60's and understand the timing to be: Hep A - 2nd shot 30 days after first Hep B - 1st shot 30 days after Hep A shot - 2nd shot 30-days after first - 3rd shot 6 months after 2nd shot. Is this correct information? (4 replies)
... When I started Middle School, it was a requirement to get the Hepatitis-B Vaccine. Soon after, I got the first two shots, I started getting sizures (complex partial), and it wasn't until a couple years later that I remembered they seemed to start after I got the Hepatitis-B vaccine. The thing is that Hep-B comes in three shots, and I had cancelled the appointment to get the... (4 replies)
... exposure Rabies shots and a Japanese Encephalitis vaccination and malaria pills. ... (3 replies)
... hing that seems to be rampant is the flu and bacterial colds. I got my first and really only bad cold while traveling through Asia when I was 21. So maybe, flu shots for the flu, and just staying healthy and washing your hands a lot for the colds. ... (3 replies)
... Pneumonia, Rabies, Yellow Fever, Typhoid and the new Meningitis vaccine MENACTRA all all mercury free. There are mercury free versions of the Hep A, Hep B, Polio and Flu vaccines but not every provider may have them. You may go to "www.fda. ... (3 replies)
... i believe that the one that most people are vaccinated against is hepb. i used to work at a physical therapy clinic and that's why i got it. anyway, i would ask your obgyn about it just to be sure. (4 replies)
... the second and third shots are just boosters to the first series to ensure that your immune system has been exposed enough to be able to detect and fight it off easily.... ... (3 replies)
... Hey there sorry i dont know the brands or lot #'s, but i applaud you for doing them seperate. This vaccine can be dangerous when done together as one vaccine (Just My opinion). I have an autistic daughter who was normal until her hep b vaccine, so i have strong opinions about this, but i would get your titres checked to see if you have immunity to the measles mumps... (1 replies)
... hours after receiving a double booster on hep b vaccine from Glaxo Smith Kline I became quite ill, nausea, gastro pain issues etc. ... (12 replies)

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