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[QUOTE=KannD86]I've got some questions about the stuff some people have posted.

from abca:
"Switch to all organic foods. This makes a big difference, you don't get the growth hormone and all that other stuff people use synethetically to make more money. This could be a contributing factor to overweight and obesity, also you don't get all the toxins that are in regular food."

aren't organic foods sort of expensive? i notice that organic fruits and other things labeled organic always cost more than regular food. i don't know about other people, but i'm not really in the position to spend a lot of money on organic food. is there anything specific you can recommend that would aid in weight loss? (other than grapefruit, i can't take the sourness)

"Definetely switch all your drinks from diet or whatever to water, (aspratame, Ive mentioned a lot on that) water is very important for weight loss."
"limit your milk intake"

isn't milk excellent for dieting? i drink a ton of milk and if anything, it's good for weight loss. obviously low fat like 1% not whole milk. also, i drink orange juice and iced green tea every once in a while. i don't think that's doing any harm, is it?

"Take a metabolic test- this could be contributing to obesity even if your on a diet it could be wrong and devastating to have weight loss"

what is a metabolic test? do you need a doctor to get one? is it necessary only if you're obese, or is it good for everyone to know?

"No eating after 6 and Eat a LARGE breakfast"

i heard not eating 3 hours before you go to bed is sufficient. for me that's 8ish. and if i eat too much for breakfast, i tend to be hungrier all day long. i don't think that applies to everyone.

"Absolotuley no fast food or chani food restraunt eating horrible for you! and your stomach"

i don't eat fast food anymore (only once in a while when i have no choice), but i hear some fast food places offer stuff that's not so bad. i'd be interested in finding out what the best things to get at fast food places are because I can't always find someplace healthy and cheap.

"Take a Candida, Liver and colon cleanse"

what are these things and where do you get them? what do they do for you?

sorry to second guess you, I just want more info on some of the stuff you mentioned. thanks.

from ksaguy:

"before eating any meal, have two capsules of Garcinia Combogia from GNC."

what is Garcinia Combogia? is it specifically meant for weight loss?

now that i'm done with all those questions, i've got a tip of my own. i read somewhere that people who are very fidgety can burn up to 400 calories a day. i'm on the fidgety side, so i was really happy to hear this. it means every little bit helps. any time you can be active, even if it's by tapping your foot a little, do it. it adds up.[/QUOTE]

Yes I know, eating organic food is a little bit more pricier, but the rewards are great and for people who are serious about weight loss, an extra dollar to 2 dollars wont hurt too many people, but its your choice, just reccomending stuff. For aiding in weight loss, hmm coconuts and coconut oil (organic, virgin) is supposed to be great for dieting. Eating salads with your lunch or supper with low fat or organic dressings is supposed to be great for weight loss.

For the milk thing, although people will argue probably with me about this I don't think you should drink any kind of milk (or very little) while your trting to lose weight unless its organic (non pasturized, non homogonized) which this can ge expensive and very hard to find. The reason you want organic milk is 1. when your pasturizing it, they kill a lot of the enzymes and nutrients because it is boiled at such high temeperature. Another reason is a lot of the company's put growth hormone to make the cows grow faster, when it gets inside of you it going to make you age faster and get bigger, so unless its pure organic, stay away is my opinion. For your orange juice, do you get it out of a can,? do you buy it from the grocery store? is it from a big company? If so I would definetely stop drinking it or moderate yourself. If its 100 % pure, it isn't too bad (I still wouldn't drink it) but if its minute maid it is loaded with added sugars, more than sodas sometimes. And Iced green teas also has a lot of added sugars in it, although probably better than iced tea. Depends how much you want to lose, if you want to lose a lot, I wouldn't be drinking it but if you need to lose 10 lbs or so once a week isn't going to hurt you. You do need to treat yourself.

Fast food stay away! No fast food place is good for you, they may say they are because they have salads but they aren't good for you at all. There dressings are either loaded with fat or they have low fat dressings where they cake the sodium and chemicals in it. No fast food, none are good for you.

About not eating after 6. Again, this depends on how serious you are about weight loss and how much you want too lose. 3 hours is reasonable, but too people who really want to lose weight 6 is a lot better.

For the metabolic test- mainly only for people who are obese and really want to lose weight. They are very expensive that is why. But it is very helpful, it tells you what types of foods are good for YOU to lose weight on and what to stay away from. You can get one done online but I would reccomend going online to get one done, but I probably think you wont need one.

The liver and candida and colon cleanses- these are diets where you flush all of your toxins out of your body that could be contributing to overweight/obesity. You can find them online the natural ways, or you can take pills. Mostly you have to buy the cleanses but you can find them. They are supposed to very helpful in weight loss, I don't know yet I've never done it. Juice fasting is also good way to cleanse your body and the quickest way to lose weight. Its way you only drink certain juices for a couple of days and it flushes your toxins out of your body.

Hope this helps

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