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... Crystal Light ''on the go'' packets is just 5 calories per pack and o carbs so it should be fine on atkins? ... (28 replies)
... That is Great for you....I am Glad IT has Helped you. I have never said that the Diet does not work. It is only the Reason that it works that is incorrect. You gotta do what ever works for you...i dont deny that.....and I never said you shouldnt be doing it. (Although I do wonder about the Possible Problems). But Every Diet out there works for the Exact same... (28 replies)
... myself! I also NEVER binged just vomited every little bite I ate after counting calories didn't work. My heart skipped beats, I was slowly dying. I have been on Atkins this past April for 2 years. Not one time during these two years have I strayed from the plan and never had I felt the need to make myself vomit. ... (28 replies)

... If you were only eating 500 or 800 Calories a day then then you had a severe eating disorder. There is No Way you would gain weight on 800 Calories a day. ... (28 replies)
... I am that it works. there are people that have been on Atkins for years and years and even some for as long as when Dr. Atkins first wrote his book in the 70's. It works if you stay on the diet and do not go off of it. I eat until I am full and sometimes a bit more than just full. ... (28 replies)
... ITs BS...You Cannot eat as much as you want on Atkins. Virtually Every Study that has Compared Different Diets has Shown that You still need to consume less calories on Atkins to lose weight. ... (28 replies)
... I Always though a persons could eat as much as they want on your's amazeing how the atkins diet works..I don't understand that type of dieting myself? ... (28 replies)
... calories a day I gained. So when I began Atkins I never counted calories ever. I am very short and gain weight easy. ... (28 replies)
... hat he meant by "all about calories" was simply that the only way a person can lose weight is by creating a calories deficit in their diet and how much they burn on a daily basis. You're right, Dr. Atkins says that there is no limit to how many calories you can eat on the Atkins diet and it is "all about carbs. ... (28 replies)
... ITs not about Counting Calories. But the Reason it works is still because you end up eating less calories. Even on atkins if you eat too many calories you will not lose weight. The Atkins people dont like to admit this but it is true. ... (28 replies)
... Have you read up on the CONS of the Adkins Program? ... (28 replies)
... is making them ill. It's not Atkins at all but the cleansing of all the junk you have been eating. You will notice on Atkins you will not have heartburn like you use to either. Plus you will have more energy when you reach ketosis. ... (28 replies)
... I was wondering if acesulfame potassium is bad on the Atkin's diet? ... (5 replies)
... I never fully understood the Atkins diet... ... (28 replies)
... I think Atkins works because your not eating many carbs and what you do eat if you go by his book your body metabolizes it? ... (28 replies)
... Atkins Works because IT cuts so many foods out of the diet, the Foods that you do eat make you feel more full, and it usually cuts back on cravings. ... (28 replies)
... I was at a friends house and just caught the end of that wishbone commercial on tv. ... (28 replies)
... theres no limits on how much you can eat!.. meats mostly and eggs and pork rinds, most meats are loaded with calories and less carbs. ... (28 replies)
... In That Case.....Crystal Lite should be Fine on it. ... (28 replies)
... I love veggies, and this seems pretty hard, it seems good to fill up on veggies that are high fiber. And regarding coffee...another hard one for me. ... (28 replies)

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