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Food Lovers Diet
Jan 26, 2011
... I order the food lovers diet couple of day ago to tried and lose 11lbs I weight 172 now wish me luck I will keep you post was I received the kit can't wait if anyone on this lifestyle let me know we can go through it together :) (0 replies)
... Hi, I'm brand new to this board too. I just saw the infomercial on this food lovers system - and I'm intrigued with the concept of "optimizing your glycemic profile" - if such exists! Does anybody know if this is a valid concept? I'm thinking of trying this out though. I'm concerned about being pre-diabetic and don't want to gain any more weight than I have in the... (7 replies)
... Ive also been eating tons of food lately and in two weeks, I dropped 8.2lbs..just from EATING weird..I still struggle to get in more then 2000 calories a day.,..bvut im usually close.... ... (7 replies)

... Yes it works, I am on day 6 of the detox drop and I will start the 21 day metabolism makover. I will keep you updated if you like. Tammy (7 replies)
... Hi I very new to the message board, I just want to know if the Food Lovers Fat Diet shown on TV by Robert Ferguson is FOR REAL? ... (7 replies)
What I am trying
Sep 12, 2009
... I saw some questions regarding the box the FLFLS arrived in, so I just looked at my box. It is a white box which says "The Food Lovers 21 Day Transformation" in the upper left hand corner, and underneath "21 days that will change your body...and your life." On the side it says the website. ... (366 replies)
What I am trying
Aug 11, 2009
... My family, too, has experienced Diabetes, and when I hit 200 lbs. on my 5'4" frame, I knew I was heading down that road as well. In addition, the last time I had my cholesterol checked it was borderline, and my blood pressure had gotten higher than my "norm" (usually quite low) and was in the upper range of normal norm. This was scary. When I go the chat forums at Food... (366 replies)
What I am trying
Jul 30, 2009
... I am so glad I found this site. I ordered the Food Lovers plan but I wasn't sure if it was any good. Seems like it is working for you though. ... (366 replies)
What I am trying
Jul 24, 2009
... So. I am VERY satisfied with my purchase of the Food Lovers Fat Loss System. I haven't done the Detox Drop yet, but I intend to. ... (366 replies)
What I am trying
Jul 18, 2009
... I found this discussion thread by searching for links for the Food Lovers Fat Loss System. I am going to be orering this system today. ... (366 replies)
What I am trying
Jun 30, 2009
... pretty intense. he put me on the Zone Diet. I didn't eat regularly so it was a big shock of having to eat so often and so much. I was really interested in the Food Lovers Fat Loss System, after hearing Lisa P's experiences it sounds like it might be a good one to do. Not sure if i am ready to buy the program yet. ... (366 replies)
... I believe that some people can maintain a good weight on almost any diet while others will fail on almost any diet. ... (7 replies)
... for at least 3 years minimum before you can say it was a success, some would say five years before it is confirmed to be a good plan for some who failed on other diet attempts. sorry but 6 days is not enough for a proper fair evaluation. ... (7 replies)
... why people do all these fad diets... to lose weight you just need to burn off more calories than you consume, period... a calorie is a calorie. I'd beware of any diet that contains a lot of one type of food and little of another, just because you need a balanced diet to be healthy, having nothing to do with weight loss... ... (7 replies)
What I am trying
Oct 6, 2009
... Well I am certainly not an expert, but I know that Robert says we can eat all of our favorites, and not to eat anything we don't like. Obviously, he doesn't mean that we can eat EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE! But, of course not. But what you are describing certainly sounds like it falls in the realm of what he is advising. (366 replies)
What I am trying
Oct 4, 2009
... It IS true that in the beginning you need to watch out for certain things, but AFTER the 21 day "induction," when your body is in a "Fat Burning Mode," you learn HOW to eat that cake, how to eat fried foods, how to have alcohol. But you have to get through the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover. And I ate fries during my induction! I TRIED the Egg Beaters and the fake butter, but I... (366 replies)
What I am trying
Oct 2, 2009
... On detox I had a POUNDING headache the whole time and I was STARVING. I feel guilty that I can't do it....a bit of that failure feeling when you fall off the diet wagon. I was hoping that I could have been one of you guys who has the big weight loss after detox. ... (366 replies)
What I am trying
Oct 1, 2009
... Thank you LakerGirlNE, I appreciate your quick response. I did google to find out about salt substitutes and found a very good one, which I will be ordering. I don't really put a lot of salt in my food, but I do like to use as needed. I see what you are saying about the butter, and I agree, it's the moderation that we have to becareful about. I do use adobo and sazon and a... (366 replies)
What I am trying
Sep 24, 2009
... im following your progress closely loanne. good luck and god bless u on this journey:angel: (366 replies)
What I am trying
Sep 24, 2009
... at this is a program that I can stay on for the rest of my life. That really means so much. I am 44 years old and believe me when I tell you that I tried every diet out there. I am five years out from having gastric bypass surgery. I was at a point in my life that I knew I was either going to do something or die. ... (366 replies)

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