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... As your body shrinks, your calorie needs decrease. Usually you only need to make an adjustment with every 25-30 lb loss. But its possible that you were consuming close to your maintenance calories when you started. I recommend you decrease your calorie intake by 10%. Anything else changed? Exercise? Medications? Stress? (2 replies)
... pounds already. but since 2 months back, i stopped losing weight. i still ate the same way as i did before, but has stopped seeing results. im very troubled, and i dont know what to do now. should i change my diet? ... (2 replies)
... calorie diet is starving yourself. It is counter productive and it is no wonder you stopped losing weight. First and foremost if you want to be successful at losing weight is get yourself off the timetable. There is no quick way to lose weight. It takes time. Really, it does. ... (4 replies)

Losing weight
Aug 26, 2002
... was on a 800 calorie diet. I know, I know. Its bad for you and thats why I'm not on it anymore. Anyways while I was on my diet I lost 12 pounds. Then I just stopped losing weight. I was at a stand still. Well this last week I have been eating and eating like crazy. ... (3 replies)
... I have a very long, very complicated weight loss journey. I'll try my best to tell you my story as easy as I can! ... (5 replies)
... If you gain N pounds of muscle while losing N pounds of fat, that is a good thing, even if the scale shows "no progress". ... (5 replies)
... rtainly possible I have been building muscle as I even notice some slightly new definitions. However, the issue was remaining at where I have gotten, with no new weight loss. ... (5 replies)
... I had the same prblm. I lost 10 pounds and remained the same. I ate the same amount and exercised the same amount or even more at times. But when I stopped doing the same exercises I use to do and eating less I lost some weight. ... (5 replies)
... Those new to exercise sometimes gain muscle as they are losing fat (this is more difficult and less common in those who are already physically fit). Is it possible that you are losing body fat and gaining muscle such that they "cancel out" on the scale (but that would be healthy, since your body fat percentage is decreasing)? Is your waistline shrinking and getting less... (5 replies)
... I found that I was never able to stick to a program if I felt hungry. I feel you need to try to change your day to day habits for best results. I tried Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem and found that I lost weight with both but when I stopped buying the food, I gained it all back, plus more! What I find works best is being more aware on a day to day basis of your calories... (5 replies)
... excerise. Anyways, I lost about 10 lbs during June. The goal was and still is to lose another 10 more. However, after the first ten, Ive been stuck at my current weight since begining of July. I am eating the same, and working out the same. In order to lose the last 10, do I need to increase my workout or decrease my calories? ... (5 replies)
... pounds but nothing in the last month. I don't think I'm losing inches because my clothes fit the same. ... (2 replies)
... Hi and congrats on your weight loss! ... (4 replies)
... The reality is, no matter what you do or what you take, if you lost the weight and didn't change ANY habits, then you shouldn't gain the weight back. If a person use to eat 1800 calories a day, then wanted to lose weight so they lowered it to 1300, then they would lose weight. ... (4 replies)
... Over the next 3 weeks, I lost an additional 10 pounds, and then stopped losing weight. For the last week and a half, I even seemed to gain a pound back, and now seem to be losing again. ... (0 replies)
... yes,it always is. I spent years losing weight and this is the patern. Everything depends on the routine you use and the body always adapting. Nature demands adapting to changes . ... (3 replies)
... So I just stopped taking them, and have just stuck to the diet ever since, and I feel wonderful. ... (105 replies)
... I stopped losing weight. For 2 days my weight was unchanged. I expected a barrier at some point that would be tough to break, so I was ready. ... (10 replies)
... has reduced, when you lost weight in the beginning alot of it was metablism boosting muscle, now you have less and you need less to maintain the weight you are at, and from the sounds of it you did not lose fast, you have to be commended for that many go for the quick results and end up in serious trouble. ... (2 replies)
... You should not diet, thats wy you stopped losing weight, that is what happens when you go into starvation mode. Lets say when you had your weight issues you had 2200 calories per day, then all of the sudden you go on a diet to lose it. ... (15 replies)

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