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before i begin, i'd like to say that i WILL be seeing a doctor soon. possibly several, even, but it's always nice to have multiple opinions from people who have maybe experienced similar things.

starting about six years ago, i had been plagued with recurring UTIs. i recall having my first one when i was twelve (18 now) and many more after that. two of them had progressed into kidney infections and i wound up in the hospital. i have been on many medicines for them, and even stopped responding to bactrim because i'd taken it so much. i've been to several specialists and gynecologists, as well as pediatricians (since i was younger at the time).

now, i don't get UTIs anymore, nor do i get yeast infections. i get horrid, burning pain, accompanied by yellow discharge and a foul odor, but absolutely no infection. or at least, that's what i've been told by countless tests and doctors.
i have been tested for EVERYTHING. almost every STD (i've been with the same sexual partner for 4 years), every bacterial infection, UTIs, blood tests, i've even had ultrasounds done to make sure i didn't have ovarian cysts since they run in my family, but they can't find anything anymore. i almost feel like nobody believes that i have this pain and they sort of brush it off.
the burning pain it isn't all the time, but most of the time. it hurts after i pee and during sex- ESPECIALLY during those two occasions. i pee as often as i can and wipe from front to back. i have been almost completely turned off from even the idea of having sex, because of how bad the pain is. i don't have sex that often either, considering my partner is long-distance, and he understands my situation.

i don't know why i get this pain, and i don't know why it 'fluctuates', or goes in and out of being there. i take cranberry pills, drink almost nothing but water, shower daily, wear panty-liners and pure cotton underwear/pants, and use no special perfumes or powders or irritating laundry detergent. however, several years ago i was recommended by a gynecologist to use summer's eve (the scentless kind) and it seems to have helped a bit. but i've seen women say you shouldn't use summer's eve.
i'm not sure what other sort of specialist to turn to. i don't know what other tests they could possibly run, or why i still feel the pain of a UTI without any infection, or have yellow/green discharge and constantly feel insecure about the smell (which is also made worse by sweat, since i sweat a lot). in fact, i haven't had a UTI since mid-2014. i've read these could possibly be symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, or another type of vaginal infection, but i've been denied having both of those things.

has anyone had a similar experience, or know of an infection that i might have? i've suspected that, maybe after having so many complications in the past, my vagina has just become accustomed to feeling like it does during a UTI. i've been suffering with this for almost three years now and i'm running out of possible answers.
thanks in advance for any suggestions or help.

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