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[QUOTE=singer1]WoW! I am mostly hearing the mental changes as opposed to physical problems. I seem to get it all I guess. Headache, hot flashes, cramping, lightheadedness (By the way...anyone else ever get lightheaded?) OH! Ande I get the irritability, crying, frustration, etc....perhaps that is why the Dr. has me on continuous BCP![/QUOTE]

I get the emotional as well as the physical. I get lightheaded, my panic or anxiety increases, nausea, upper stomach fullness/bloat as well as below my belly button, cravings for junk like candy and chocolate, headaches, stomachaches with mucousy diarrhea, plugged sinuses, feel like I want to bite everybody's head off and then the next second I'm crying and apologizing for it, night sweats and chills. I'm sure I forgot a few. This all lasts until about day 15 then gets better for about a week and a half, then it starts all over! Yeah! :bouncing: I used to be on a continuous BCP, but had uterine ablation done for very heavy bleeding. That has helped immensely! I don't get hardly any bleeding or cramps. I used to have it leaking out all over and cramps all up and down my back and legs. I also have very large varicose veins by my uterus - probably from having kids. I will probably have to have those fixed some day. However, PMS is definitely still there only a little easier to deal with without all the pain. Except the headaches - they are pretty bad for about a week.

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