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For about 3-4 years now I have had a problem with pimples on the onside of my thighs- where top part of your thighs rubb together (or don't if you're a stick!) In the process of having a yearly, I've asked doctors about them, and have been told its not an STD. One doctor gave me a cream which did nothing. Some of them are more like a pimple that when squeezed, thick white stuff smelly stuff comes out. Others have a smaller amount of the white stuff with what I assume is a hair in the middle. Others are simply black heads. I think that I began to get these when I started getting heavier, and my thighs rubbed together a lot more. I've begun to use a acne body wash and luffah everyday- but its not working. Let me say that I do shower everyday and have very good personal hygiene .

Does anyone have this problem too? What do you do, or suggest to do- short of losing weight fast?
well I sort of have the same problem but mine look like boils and yes I am a big person so I have them in more places like on my stomach where my waist band of my jeans rub and under my arms but I do get some of them to pop and some can be black heads. The people who responded to my post said to use antibacterial soap like the doctors use before surgery. Shower everyday and when you get out of the shower try to keep it dry cause its probably from a lot of bacteria build up and I would put some hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol on it frequently to kill the bacteria and if you pop them try not to let it spread to create more. Hope this helped. Oh and if you get any other advice I would sure love to hear about it please.
Gurl86~ Thank you for responding to my problem! I will try the hrdyogen peroxide :)
Does anyone else have similar bumps?
I do too, didn't see your post, and I jus posted almost the samething. My also started when I gained a lot of weight. It is just gross and I wish it would go away! I feel dirty! I would feel funny putting hydrogen per. down there though!
This is probably a hygene problem, not to be insulting, When your inner thighs sweat they can get a bacteria build-up in that area and with the constant rubbing together, can cause irritation and pimps. You should wash this area every day and use baby diaper rash ointment on it. This should eliminate the problem.
hi, i have the exact problem on the inner thighs and genital area. mine usually look like pimples but sometimes i get huge suckers that look like boils. i've been having them for about 6 years now and all the doctors i've seen say pretty much the same thing, that they are boils that feed off the hair follicals...not sure how to spell doctor gave me this antibacterial soap that they use before surgery. it worked for a bit but the smell was horrible so i stopped using it. before i continue i am a large girl and i shower everyday. lately me and my boyfriend have become sexually active and the boil things are kind of embarassing now that he can see them. i don't like them so recently i've been trying anything and everything to get rid of them. i used an acne cleanser pad which cleared it up a bit but not overly, i tried that soap which does seem to work but slowly. now i am trying polysporin to see if it can help speed the healing process.the thing is they started coming on in large clusters ever since i became sexually active. i have seen the doctor 3 years ago and was told that it wasn't a STD/STI but i was wondering if the fact that i am now having sex is making it worse somehow. i would love to know, if anyone has any insights to why this is happening please post ; but getting back to the first post/ reason why i am posting, i found the antibacterial soap, so far, to be the best. it has a strong smell to it but it seems to work.
You really shouldn't use antibacterial soap down in that area...can cause vaginal infections.
I have the same problem as you. I was referred to a dermatologist for them, since my family doc had no clue what they were. They are actually a form of acne, and are more common in larger women. I can't remember the exact name of them because its looong.. But they aren't anything that serious. My Dermatologist gave me a prescription called Novo-Trimel which is a sulphate pill and a roll on anti biotic called Taro- Clindamycin which is a phosphate. She also recommended that I use an antibacterial soap in the shower on the areas that are infected. All her advice worked awesome and it is all cleared up now. Oh and just so ya know, it has nothing to do with Hy gene. You could be the cleanest person in the world and still get them.

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