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Vaginal Sloughing
Apr 7, 2006
I am right there with you happytiggers.
I have recurrent bv and yeast. at times my discharge is very thick, sometimes very thin and creamy. I have "normal" discharge about 2 days a month. I have the gritty, shedding of cells all the time. I get irritated, go to the doctor. I have no symptomes at times and have something. Has anyone found a helpful med or vitamin to balance ph and assist with normal vaginal discharge?
Some years back i went through a long period of attempting to get rid of a yeast infection. Finally i found a doctor who didn't prescribe me messy creams etc and understood what yeast was all about. So since then i've been fine with yeast.

BV is a different story, i'd never ever had it prior to meeting my current partner, so i guess it's something which i have to learn to live with or learn ways around it.

As for constant discharge, i once used to think i had a lot of discharge, but regular pap smears didn't show up any infections. Through sheer luck i got a good doctor when i went for a pap smear a few years ago. He himself mentioned that it seemed i had some discharge up there and he was worried my pap smear results might not come out right due to the discharge. Anyway, i told him about the discharge and asked if it's normal, told him the tests i'd had and my history etc etc and he basically said that some women have more and some less. He said it's only the cervical and vaginal walls slaughing off the dead skin cells. He went on to say that there is a procedure i could have done to "dry" me up a bit, but once i hit menopause he said women tend to dry up naturally then and that if i had this procedure now then later after menopause i'd be too dry and relying on artificial lubricants. He said if the discharge doesnt bother me then to leave it alone and it would dry up somewhat naturally after menopause.

I do use a probiotic to keep the intestinal flora at the right level and the last time i took antibiotics for a BV infection i didn't even get a yeast infection, so the probiotic must have helped as i would get a yeast infection for sure under normal circumstances. I used to buy acidophillous only, but read that a probiotic with multiples strains of the good bacteria and not solely acidophillous is much better.

I'm thinking of asking the naturopath about BV and if there are any natural solutions to this. She seems to be having some success in sorting out my hormonal imbalance so maybe she might know a thing or two about BV. if i find out anything i'll be sure to post.
I had a complete ovary and all hysterectomy in '97 because of constant yeast. I can keep the bv away, but just can't seem to keep the increased, scaly thick dicharge the Dr. call sloughing under control. I don't want to have sex because it is so gross.
I have done the pro biotic thing, etc. do allergy shots which seemed to help some, but it is still there.
Douching with peroxide helps to clear it for about 1 hour...
i just don't feel clean or sexy to my partner and want to know if anyone has a clue what to do to assist with "normal" vaginal discharge. My dr. is thinking of sending me to rochester Mayo clinic. Has anyone been there for vaginal sloughing?
Any suggestions are muchly appreciated!!
They did a complete hysterectomy etc due to yeast???? Wow, i've never heard of a procedure like that for yeast. It sounds very extreme.

In my reply further up this page, when i mentioned going through a long period attempting to get rid of a constant yeast problem i thought death would be preferable. I was wasting away, had no energy, wanted to sleep all the time and had no motivation. I feel luckier than winning the lottery when i was told of the allergy specialist who helped cure me. The fix was so simply and to this day i'm ultra careful of all the things which can cause yeast and i can honestly say i've never suffered much from yeast since. That's why i can't understand why they would do a total hysterectomy on you due to yeast alone.

Yeast infections basically start off in the gut when the candida albicans (bad bacteria) get totally out of control. It's no use simply attempting to cure it vaginally. You need to kill it off in the gut first. Have you been tested to see if the candida might be to high in your gut and that's what could be causing this discharge? Even when i suffered from yeast the symptoms were not always the same. Sometimes there was discharge yet the vaginal area felt dry and painful during sex, but no itching and no bad smells, other times there would be itching, but the symptoms used to change about and wouldn't stay the same all the time.

I don't know anything much about hysterectomies, but maybe if you started a new thread to ask women who have had hysterectomies and what the side effects where. Maybe the discharge you experience is a normal thing after such a procedure. Have you had vaginal swabs to rule out any other infections?
Hysterectomy R/t Yeast. They Put Me Through Menopause With A "shot" To See If That Helped My Discharge And Yeast And It Did, I Had Yeast So Bad At Times It Ate Through To The Bowel. So They Did A Hysterectomy.
I Have Been To The Allergist. I Take Allergy Meds For Yeast And Molds, Pollins, Ect. They Have Played With The Concentration To Help Me Feel Better, Sometimes It Works Sometimes It Doesn't.
Just This Yucky Discharge And Low Back Pain. I Have Been Tested Numerous Times For Std's And Vaginal Infections. It Is Just So Dry And Thick Like Cottage Cheese That Has Been Drained Adn Sat Out For Like 3 Days. Very Irritating. Not Sure What Else To Try. Sometimes I Think Death Would Be Better.
Going To Mayo Clinic In May Maybe They Will Have An Answer.
Sleepihed, that is awful, i really feel for you and hope you get some results sooner than later.

These days if you aren't getting help and satisfaction you really need to keep looking for someone who is interested and willing to help. Too many doctors are clueless, others are too willing to operate at the drop of a hat and a lot of the others just couldn't give a damn.

Wishing you all the best :)

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