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I had my 7 year old daughter at the doctor
this week because she was SCREAMING when she pee'd.
I thought UTI but when they checked her pee they said no
and said prob a yeast infection. She has no discharge that I can see.
They gave me cream to put in her and sent me on my way. Well this morning she pee'd and I was in tears myself. She just SCREAMED and was jumping off
the toilet. When I go to put the med on her I notice that a little
part of her skin ( not alot ) was pulled off and hanging. I call the doctor and she says oh yes a yeast infection will cause this to happen. I myself have never heard of that and was wondering if someone here has. I was not happy that the doctor gave me a note on friday and said she could go back to school. This child is screaming bloody murder when she pee's!! I can't send her to school like that! Today she only pee'd twice because she is now
holding it because it hurts so much.
The only thing I see that resembles a yeast infection is just a few tiny
white bumps. She is also not saying she is itchy, just the painful peeing.
Thanks for any advice!

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