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I am 37 and I have never had either type of infection. So, 5 days ago I began having some itching towards the bottom of my vagina (closer to the perineum).

I started monistat 3 THAT night. I did feel I irritated the inside of my vaginal wall when I inserted the monistat tube (I also always irritate the same spot when using tampons. I have to be really gentle and Can't use cardboard applicators and must use rounded plastic applicators because of this. Monistsat has plastic but it's open to put the ovule in and it felt like it scratched me when I inserted it). The next day I felt sore and discomfort instead of the itching in the one spot. Later that day the general soreness went away but I began having searing pain about 20 seconds AFTER urinating. It lasts a few minutes and is VERY painful then subsides and I am okay. Its right on the spot at the base of my vagina. I did not believe it was a UTI because it wasn't near my urethra. This has continued and I'm on day 5. I have no odor,no longer itch and when I look at myself I do not look red or swollen. I do feel sore all over NOW (I did start my period a few hrs ago so that may be irritating so perhaps why I'm sore all over again. For day 3&4 I wasn't sore until I urinated). I still have pain after I pee but I try to lean forward to keep urine away from the spot. I also try to wipe in a way that keeps the urine away from the spot and it helps a tiny bit but after I sit or move it still gets on the area I guess.

I will go see the doctor next week but I am worried. I began my period a week early today (I'm never early). I am not using tampons because that would hurt and I'm guessing it's not wise. I am STD free. I was checked over the summer. I am in a new relationship and had intercourse last week. I was in a position where the spot that is painful could have been irritated because there was friction right on the spot that hurts me now. We did use condoms.

So, does this sound like a yeast infection? Could that cause such pain after urinating? I also have absolutely no odor or discharge. My lower back hurts but I noticed it yesterday and I did get my period today. I was scared at first because I saw a tiny bit of blood but I just got my period early. Whew! I do not have a fever. I have stopped using the monistat external cream because it didn't help the pain and when I began monistat it went from mild itching to searing pain the next day. Any advice or ideas on what I may be going on? I assume the irritation from sex could be what started this -though I have NEVER had this issue before and I have been sexually active since late teens. Thank you.__

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