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Ovarian Issue
Mar 18, 2012
So my last 3 periods have been light. I usually have a normal flow. The week before my period I had a UTI. So I have been on meds for it, Biaxin.

Anyway I got my period while on the meds and all of the past week I had flanl pain, abdominal swelling, headache, gas, and slight constipation. I had urinary urges in the beginning of the week but they went away.

Basically my question is all of my symptoms seem to either be a result of the meds or an ovarian cyst. I am going to the docs tomorrow I was just curious if anyone has had any of these symptoms.

I have NOT had bad pain, sharp pain, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, fevor or chills.

I have just been gassy, flank pain, abodimal swelling & discomfort, abnormal period, headache, urinary urges (which are now gone).

The only symptom I currently have is gas bubbles and a dull ache in my right lower abdomin.

Just curious I'd love some feedback.

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