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I'm going to get married on Saturday and these problems are not only weird, but mysterious, I will tell you the whole story.

Early last week, it started with vaginal itching. But then it began to hurt and burn when I pee. So I called my OBGYN and he gave me a yeast infection pill. After a couple of days that didn't work, and I also developed a sore throat and insomnia. The doc thought I had a UTI and gave me antibiotics and did some tests and cultures. Anyway after a while when it started to get worse, I went to my general doctor that percribed stronger antibiotics. In the meantime on Friday I started gagging on my food and could barely keep anything down, but this only lasted on Friday. I was also percribed a percription to take care of the burning while I peed. Well after a couple of days it was only turning my pee orange and nothing else. On Saturday night, I had a severe coughing fit. Anyway today the cultures and tests came back all negative. The last thing they could do was prescribe lidocaine to rub on for the pain. I put that on and waited for a long time and it did NOTHING for the surface pain even. Why did it fail? My general doctor won't talk to me over the phone anymore and my gynecologist can do nothing more. In the meantime, it still hurts to pee a lot and my vagina is way to sore for sex and that is not good for a wedding night. I really don't want to go to the hospital.

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