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Hi, yesterday I just found a little black lump in my vagina (on the labia minora, near the clitoris area), and it's scaring me a lot! I'm a virgin so I guess it's not some STD. It's black, but when I shower it gets pale, like, grayish...It looks like a blood blister or a seed, and it's kinda hard. It doesn't itch or hurt, only when I touch it, it feels a little more tender to the touch. but I'm very scared! I'll go to the doctor asap but, if anyone can give me a clue of what it is, I'll be less worried...I can't even sleep thinking it might be something serious or that it won't go away (it's disgusting "/).

Thaks in advance to anyone who answer me <3

(and excuse me for any english mistakes..)
It certainly could be a blood blister. They will be black looking. It can happen from just about anything but particularly bike riding, horseriding, etc. They take about two weeks to absorb completely. Soaking in a tub instead of showering may get it to resolve faster if that's what it is.

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