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... I am 18 years old. Last week my fiance and I had pretty rough sex, after not seeing one another for four months while he was in basic training for the army. After a few days, I noticed I was extremely sore down there, so I looked and I found two small cuts on the bottom of my vaginal lips, as well as on my perineum. I called a nurse hotline and was told to ice it and apply... (2 replies)
... Okay, I have a large lump on my perineum it is very painful and feels sorta hard when i touch it. Its about the size of a grape and not sure what this could be? ... (2 replies)
... I have Vulvodynia and I first experienced pain in the perineum. The symptoms include: burning, itching, stinging, painful intercourse, pain from sitting, pain from wearing tight jeans, etc. Do a search on this board for Vulvodynia. There are lots of Vulvodynia groups online. I use a small amount of Estrace cream as well as a steroid ointment once weekly as maintainance... (3 replies)

... Hi, I have itching on my perineal area (Labia minora) and just beginning of the vagina. It is almost for a year and half now. I am so frustrated. It started after delivery. My doc checked it and said it is probably ingrown hair and recommended to NOT SHAVE. I tried that, nothing changed. I tried OTC anti fungal cream...nothing changed...home remedies like eating yogurt, and... (3 replies)
Itchy perineum
May 11, 2005
... for the last month, i have had itching there.. and tonight it was so itchy i made it bleed... it is now swollen and red and itchy.. ... (1 replies)
... Anyway, the lesion thing happens at various times which does not come with itching at all. ... (0 replies)
Vaginal itch
Dec 9, 2012
... h c section. No pain. No help with soap freee wash, cotton clothes. I do not use any chemical and due to problem sexually inactive since months. Please help me. Itching is out side in perineum area and anus. ... (3 replies)
... The next day I felt sore and discomfort instead of the itching in the one spot. Later that day the general soreness went away but I began having searing pain about 20 seconds AFTER urinating. ... (1 replies)
... Sweetpea: All of this first started for me when I went to the doctor for what I guessed was a bacterial infection. I just went to planned parenthood bc of course right now I am without insurance and didn't think it was anything complicated that they couldn't handle. They took a swab and said it was bv. Then I went back when I thought I had a yeast infection from the Flagyl.... (44 replies)
... Just a few ideas from a non expert: an allergy to something in the detergent in which you wash your underwear? use of bleached sanitary napkins? Using any kind of scented shower gel or bubble bath when you shower or bathe? Have you tried using only natural soaps? Have you tired wearing cotton panties with no synthetic fibers in them? Do you use any kind of harsh... (3 replies)
... Hi, thanks for the reply. I read a little about Vulvodynia after your post. I think the major sign of this is to have pain and I dont have any pain. ALL i have is CRAZY itch and I think when I scrath, I just make it worse, but I couldnt help. In fact, since last week, I am noticing myself scratching it even at night. It has affected our sexual life TOOOO much already. MY doc... (3 replies)
... I have had these symptoms for 22 years along with pain and burning in the labia. My doctor has diagnosed me with Vulvodynia. I now take 60mg of Cymbalta. This has made a difference in the level and frequency of the pain. My pain still comes mostly after my period. Ask your doctor. (3 replies)
... i was diagnosed with lichen schlerosis nearly a year ago. it is a thining of the tissue around the vagina and only affects women, I was given a steroid based cream which i had to use every other day for a week then slowly work down to once a week, steroid cream has to be used sparingly and not to often as it can also cause thining of the skin if used to much. I have to be... (9 replies)
... I've thought about that, too, but it's not in the inner lips whatsoever.. it never is. There's no burning, itching, irritation, etc. Just a bruised feeling on the outside. I came to a conclusion today that the worst of the pain hits when my period is heavy. Once it lightens up, the pain stops. The pain actually starts just before my period begins.. I started my period... (4 replies)
... d about the biopsy, she went right to that spot and said that's the place she wanted to check. I've had burning with urination, but not always. I've had severe itching at the front of the vulva, around the clitoris, and sometimes I just couldn't help rubbing myself with the washcloth. ... (7 replies)
... Hi, I was diagnosed with vaginal group B strep about 2 months ago...after enduring about 3 months of agonizing vulvar symptoms. I did not really have an abnormal discharge, nor did I really have itching....just a horrible, burning pain around my vulva, with red, inflamed skin, and fissures (cuts on the labia and perineum that resembled paper cuts). The pain was so bad, I... (6 replies)
Any ideas?
Dec 3, 2003
... My perineum looks quite pink. Sorry to ask, but how pink is it supposed to be? ... (0 replies)
... paper cuts on my labia in the folds of the skin, just lines where the skin is broken and sometimes I get them around the anus in the perineum area. If this is herpes it is not the typical OB's, the circular clusters that bubble up and burst, I just get these cuts all the time. ... (9 replies)

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