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... Okay, so the RepHresh products do nothing for me. ... (3 replies)
Vaginal issues
Jul 28, 2014
... I recommend picking up a product called RepHresh vaginal gel, if it's available to you. This helps balance your pH which can be upset by your period and other things. ... (3 replies)
... to an actual doctors office this time. I could tell from this injection something was off. Literally the day after the shot I began experiencing a watery, yellow discharge with a different type smell than I was used to. It wasn't fishy so I wasn't alarmed. Now I kind of explain it as a vinegar type smell. ... (3 replies)

... I am pretty sure it was bacterial. I did try RePhresh so hopefully that will work out. Thank you! ... (2 replies)
... she should have done additional testing like swabbing the discharge and looking at it under a microscope or sending it out for growth. ... (2 replies)
... It could be that your suffering from a reoccuring infection. There are steps you can take to prevent reoccuring infections. The best thing you can do is schedule an appointment with your gyneoclogist and ask him or her what you can do to prevent reoccuring infections in the future. Meanwhile, you can take probiotics such as Fem-Dophilus or RepHresh Pro-B. These probiotics are... (1 replies)
... This may be new information, but regular lactobacillius acidophilus doesn't normally colonize the urogenital tract; meaning the urinary tract and the vaginal tract (go to the link below for more information). You need to purchase probiotics formulated for vaginal health, and contains bacteria that does colonize the vagina like Femdophilus and RePhresh Pro-B. It would be a... (3 replies)
Nov 30, 2008
... paperlike discharge with it. ... (1 replies)
Weird discharge
May 1, 2008
... ver I just went in for my annual last month was told my pap was normal. After my most recent period I decided to try Rephresh. I am not noticing the hard white discharge that I have heard about. Mine is off white in color, soft, and has no ordor or irritation. ... (0 replies)
Apr 12, 2008
... Okay I have had this vaginal discharge for a long time now. All the doctors I have been to have all told me that it was a normal discharge. The discharge is a foul smelling odor and the discharge is at times thick and yellowish and also sometimes white colored. I have worn tampons for a long time too. ... (1 replies)
Black Discharge
Dec 22, 2007
... ok i feel better now, because I used the rephresh stuff as well. it must be that stuff... thank God. I was really worried. ... (5 replies)
... :) Thank You For Responding, No I'm not on the Yasmine Pill, Never have been. Yeast Doesn't Cause Herpes. You Can Get Herpes By Being Intimate W/t Someone Who has it, Or The Tanning Bed, There are lots of ways you can get it. I've been doing Research on Both for 12 Years. What happens is the Herpes Virus Attacks Your Immune System Causing you to have all of these problems &... (6 replies)
... I dont have that answer for you. Unless he got it from that chick he cheated with.BV does not always have noticable symptoms.The fishy smell isnt always there, usually a gray watery discharge,some burning, the small varies from a "bleachy, chemical odor" to the dreaded "fishy smell". I dont know how to treat a man. Good luck though,let me know how its goin? (102 replies)
... Yep I get them every time after my GYNO visit. I don't become infected anymores since he used the powder free gloves but I still get the discharge. I posted this on the BV thread but I'll post it here too Douching does not prevent infection and may cause problems by destroying useful bacteria in the vagina which help keep the area healthy. The vagina is a self cleaning... (102 replies)
... ] Ooooh,another good point.I dont think it was rePHesh on the glove,probaley a lubracant.Maybe you had a allergic reaction to the latex?I dont really know about CV,its uncommon.I can imagine how your freaking out,I hated thinking I was going to live forever with yeast.I just take the AZO YEAST, the rePHesh,and Acidillious.You might want to go to a health food store, and try a... (102 replies)
... I said ok, and went back home. That SAME evening, I still felt irritated so I used a mirror to look at myself down there, and I saw these BIG white pieces of discharge coming out of me, like pieces of fetta cheese, big and dry! Not even normal discharge!!! ... (102 replies)
... I agree with SHA4606. That 'egg white' discharge is normal and ovulation is exactly what it is. ... (2 replies)
... white discharge is your ovulational discharge, probaley itches cuz its wetter down there, then goes away. I wouldnt even sweat it!!!! I think your discharge is completely normal! ... (2 replies)
... will sometimes lay in my vaginal opening and cause a little itching. I have asked different gyno's about it over the years, but they just blow it off....vaginal discharge is different for each woman...blah...blah... or they just give me rx. for yeast infection. I don't think it is yeast, not clumpy. ... (2 replies)
... I actually tried to go on a yeast-eradicating diet....but I will admit I was not very diligent. So for two weeks I stopped most carbs (bread, yeast), all refined sugars, and gave up Corona (which is my beverage of choice). But I have no will power what so ever when it comes to alcohol, and on the weekends I would drink vodka redbulls instead. So then I made up this excuse... (102 replies)

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