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... what is the clear thick jelly discharge i had when i went to the bathroom and im not pregnant (0 replies)
... I get this thick, jelly like discharge during my period lately. It looks like a clump of grape jelly. So I know it can't be anything to do with ovulation..... ... (4 replies)
... It's ovulation discharge. Because you've just came off the pill, your body goes almost straight to ovulation (in some women) which causes a LOT of discharge. I had the same thing happening to me when I came off the pill. (4 replies)

... Speaking Of That...i Too Sometimes Get That...but I Do Not Take Any B/c,so If I Have This Happening And Dont Take B/c..then The Only Thing I Can Think Of Discharge...but If It Tingy In Color Then Have It Looked At Or Tested (4 replies)
... I think this is the discharge that is normal during ovulation. ... (4 replies)
... mucus around ovulation. After ovulation, the discharge gradually becomes scant and tacky again until you get your period. It's a great indication of your fertile period. ... (3 replies)
... Just today I noticed a thick brownish/clear discharge. It didn't seem wet at all. In fact, it seemed more like rubber cement texture than anything. I just got off BC about a month ago. Could this have something to do with it? (3 replies)
... white cervical mucus , you will have a sticky to creamy discharge for a few days. Its not a symptom of a problem, its just part of your monthly fertility cycle. ... (8 replies)
... I don't know how old you are, but are you aware of the thick, clear, slippery discharge that you get during ovulation? ... (8 replies)
... Sorry to be so graphic...but it just happened and it freaked me out. This was NOT discharge. This was an inch and a half long mass that was clear, except for a pinkish centre. Anyone have this? My insides have been tender during sex. Is this a fybroid that became unattached and I passed it? ANyone else have this? (8 replies)
... Trust me, you're never too young to experience anything. At 13 I had my period for 4 months straight and at 17, they found a fibroid that was larger than most women that have them. Anywho. It could also be a clot. I freaked when I had clotting. If it's darker and kinda like jelly and almost ball-shaped, it could be clotting which is rather common. (5 replies)
Apr 17, 2006
... Thick mucous that resembles egg whites (or clear jelly) is normal. It usually appears around ovulation because it is an ideal consistency for sperm to move through, aiding conception. (4 replies)
Apr 16, 2006
... i hate to be so graphic about this, but I need to know if this is normal. I have been getting a jelly like discharge lately. It's clear but it's thick and like a jelly. Has anyone had this and is this normal. I never had this before. I have also been getting my period every 2 weeks since October. ... (4 replies)
... I get this too and at times get loads at once like you describe. It does happen most during ovulation and with you coming off the pill your body is probably a bit all over the place with hormones so that is probably making it so bad. It should settle within a few days, and then you might notice this each month. (4 replies)
... and a good amount of it. At least enough to fill up a bottle cap. It did not have a smell and was very gooey. It reminded me of the consistency of Gak, if any of you know what that was. It was all discharged at the same time. I have had some of this in small quantities before but never this much. What causes this? I stopped taking my birth controll about a month ago... (4 replies)
... for ages now i seem to have had abnormal amounts of vaginal discharge - like so much that i would have to change my knickers during the day as they were wet through - gross! then a few months ago i also got a rash around the vagina and itching, which i thought might be a yeast infection. the doctor sent off swabs and prescibed me diflucan, which seemed to clear it up for a few... (3 replies)
Feb 1, 2004
... like greenish yellow discharge. Sometimes its light yellow. It is really thick like jello sometimes. I know, ick! ... (2 replies)
... i am not a doctor--this is just something i was told. a normal cycle is 28 days count from the first day of your period...14 days. the week starting the 14th day theres a good chance you can get pregnant. you should avoid having sex if you dont want to get pregnant. you can only get pregant if your ovulating. you can tell if your ovulating sometimes. sometimes you... (5 replies)
Q about tampons!
Jun 20, 2004
... ction against your vaginal walls, or that you were using a tampon that was too large for your needs. When the tampon is coming out it will be soaked in blood and discharge so will be a lot looser, and so softer, also it would have been inside your vagina for 4 hours, and so your vagina would have stretched to accommodate it. ... (20 replies)
MetroGel / BV
Dec 12, 2003
... Hi, about about 5 months ago..... i was put on metrogel...and i got a yeast infection right after using it.. right now i have anther one.... and she gave me metronidzole in a pill form....... i'm no doc... but if you think you have a yeast infection cause of the metrogel you should go see you doc... and get pills instead (3 replies)

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