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... Bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections and trich are infections that can pop up even in virgins. You do not need to be sexually active to end up having one of these. These are all caused by inflammation of the vaginal area - whether it's from sex, or tampon use, etc. If you have a sexual health clinic in your city - go there. They follow strict confidentiality (as all... (3 replies)
... okay, i always discharge in my underwear...a good bit. its white and thick and it has an odor to it. when it dries, its white and flaky. ... (3 replies)
Underwear odor
Aug 20, 2009
... My underwear stinks and it's always wet too. I do get a vaginal discharge every once in a while. I sweat alot down there and I do go to the bathroom alot. ... (9 replies)

... yeah...but i dont really want my MOM to know all what? (3 replies)
... With the excessive discharge that is odorous, it sounds like you may have a vaginal infection. The most common ones are trich, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. These are not necessarily sexually transmitted diseases, but they can be passed, easily, to your partner. They tend to show symptoms more-so in women and are mainly asymptomatic in men. A simple visit to... (3 replies)
Discharge question
Sep 26, 2012
... was wondering if someone could give me some advice. I seem to have a white discharge from my vagina everyday since my semester at school started. I feel like my underwear is always wet and it's milky. I tried looking for some other threads and haven't really found any. I was hoping someone could give me some advice. ... (0 replies)
... Hi there, My experience with the same concern led me to try a couple dietary changes, which helped. I increased my water intake by a LOT! I'm talking about half a gallon to a gallon a day. I also added more citrus and started using soy in my mochas, lattes, coffee etc...not replacing all dairy but its about half and half now. The discharge is no longer an issue, but I... (5 replies)
... Is it normal to have to wear a panty liner every single day or else my underwear gets wet and stained a yellowish color? ... (5 replies)
Female wetness
Feb 28, 2008
... I am the same exact way. I would LOVE to not wear panties, BUT I have to...or the wetness goes down my inner thighs. Im always wet. ALWAYS!!! I hate it. I have had some Yeast Infections, and BV...But even without, Im always overly wet..Its gross.Im sorry. I hate it. ... (5 replies)
... and then white and stretchy. I feel that I am too moist. My underwear is always wet. Not so wet like when I am aroused but close to that. Then sometimes I get itchy about maybe once or twice every week. The itch is wear my pubic area meets my vulva. ... (6 replies)
Possible BV?
Oct 9, 2007
... heavier amount of discharge the past few months. I haven't thought anything of it because it has been clear with no odor. It's just annoying because it leaves my underwear damp and I feel like I am always wet. I have had a UTI twice this year, the last one was last month, and took an antibiotic Cipro, to cure. ... (1 replies)
Apr 21, 2006
... I'm always wet "down there". It makes my underwear wet, sometimes really bad where I have to wear a panty liner. Sometimes it's smelly, but most of the times it isnt. ... (2 replies)
... Basically, it's always white, never any other color. It has no odor and lately it's been thick. I have the same problem as you. ... (3 replies)
Messy vagina
Aug 30, 2003
... really thick, its already really thick. i also tried trimming before, but when it grows back it itches so much! and sorry this may be gross but my pubic hair is always shedding. wut can i do? ... (10 replies)
... s just always kind of there. ... (1 replies)
... I used to touch her between her legs, with her pants on but i never felt anything over her pants, but she used to get wet and aroused. I had once touched her above her vagina over the pants and i felt a small little lump there. ... (0 replies)
... white substance that is a little bit gooey or virtually clear feeling, then it crusts on my underwear. I always thought it was normal, but then I saw other women's underwear... they have no stains. ... (0 replies)
... As far as sexual activity, every time I do anything with my guy I'm always wearing underwear and a pair of his basketball shorts. He's ejaculated on my stomach and I'm not sure if I sat up before wiping it off. ... (3 replies)
... I have seen many doctors, and many gynos, the most recent one was a specialist in London, the first time she said I was very wet with discharge which might be why I am sore, but the last time I saw she said my discharge and vagina look optimal. ... (17 replies)
... I'm a 19 year old female, my problem is I don't pay attention to these things so I'm not sure if this is JUST me, or I rarely pay any close attention to this or ever realize it. I am sure my period is due either tomorrow or sometime next week. But just today my discharge was different, like I said I really don't pay attention or concern myself if I notice these things. The... (1 replies)

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