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... I have seen many doctors, and many gynos, the most recent one was a specialist in London, the first time she said I was very wet with discharge which might be why I am sore, but the last time I saw she said my discharge and vagina look optimal. ... (17 replies)
... I have experienced an abnormal amount of vaginal discharge. From a young age, I had discharge that was consistently a pale white, and would come out gooey or liquidy and crust up on our undies. ... (1 replies)
... So, this actually just happened to me a few minutes ago. I went to go to the bathroom, and discovered a very weird mass in my underwear. You know that glue that comes off the back of gift cards, that you can just peel right off and it's stretchy? It was almost exactly like that. Not wet at all, and sort of cloudy-clear. It was a big blob too, about an inch long and appeared... (0 replies)

... Hi. :) So, from as long as I can remember, I think I have always had some sort of vaginal discharge - it's a light, opaque, off-white substance that is a little bit gooey or virtually clear feeling, then it crusts on my underwear. I always thought it was normal, but then I saw other women's underwear... they have no stains. (This is basically 2 separate questions.) Then... (0 replies)
Discharge question
Sep 26, 2012
... I was wondering if someone could give me some advice. I seem to have a white discharge from my vagina everyday since my semester at school started. I feel like my underwear is always wet and it's milky. ... (0 replies)
... s is JUST me, or I rarely pay any close attention to this or ever realize it. I am sure my period is due either tomorrow or sometime next week. But just today my discharge was different, like I said I really don't pay attention or concern myself if I notice these things. ... (1 replies)
Underwear odor
Aug 20, 2009
... My underwear stinks and it's always wet too. I do get a vaginal discharge every once in a while. I sweat alot down there and I do go to the bathroom alot. ... (9 replies)
... a gallon a day. I also added more citrus and started using soy in my mochas, lattes, coffee etc...not replacing all dairy but its about half and half now. The discharge is no longer an issue, but I also believe age is a factor. As I get older the stranger my body gets, just less severe. ... (5 replies)
... Is it normal to have to wear a panty liner every single day or else my underwear gets wet and stained a yellowish color? ... (5 replies)
... cotton underwear can help. Also, avoiding thongs! They seem to trap more odor. ... (2 replies)
... With the excessive discharge that is odorous, it sounds like you may have a vaginal infection. The most common ones are trich, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. ... (3 replies)
... okay, i always discharge in my underwear...a good bit. its white and thick and it has an odor to it. when it dries, its white and flaky. ... (3 replies)
... a few days after my period started, i began ALOT OF discharge, seemed like water, very clear and runny, but it was ALOT my underwear were wet all the time, today I went to the bathroom and it was Brownish and a but thicker!!! ... (0 replies)
... conscious. I know everybody has discharge and it's the body's way of cleaning itself. I also know that abnormal amounts of discharge can signal many medical problems like infections. ... (9 replies)
... hi...2 years ago i got an yeast infection but it wasn't that serious..all i had was yellow discharge, not to thick or to thin, i was to scared to tell my mom so i just washed really good down there, it went away...i am now 16 and got it again except this time it came with a smell and when i peed it burned with a bit of itching, i finally told my mom 2 weeks after she brought... (10 replies)
... I bet this is normal and just dried discharge like you said. I like to use those wet wipes when I can to feel fresher. I have some in my bathroom at home and I got some in little packs I can put in my purse. ... (4 replies)
... I would like some advice/ideas about what my symptoms could mean. They have been distressing me a lot lately and I want to know if anyone else has experienced them. Also, I wasn't sure which forum to post this in (as it could possibly go into the Sexual Health one) but I thought this would be the best place. My symptoms and how long they have been going on: Weird... (5 replies)
... I also started experiencing abnormal vaginal itching. I was gone for a week on spring break, still on anitbiotics and on spring break there were times I was in wet underwear for a few hours. I'm thinking this is a yeast infection but wanted to ask for advice. Anyone have any? ... (5 replies)
... My discharge has changed throughout the months. I've been on different birth control pills and it seems like each new pill I try results in a different discharge! ... (3 replies)
Vaginal odor
Jun 30, 2015
... clear or sometimes milky discharge, it's not itching but it smells bad, like something has been covered while wet. Can this be because of the different types of underwear that I'm wearing? ... (3 replies)

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