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... what does a light period mean (1 replies)
... Need a little more detail or background. But, a light period is just that a light period. Unless you are sexually active or have other mitigating circumstances that would make it be light. ... (1 replies)
... what does having a light period mean? ... (0 replies)

... i typically have a heavy period lasting 4 to 5 days. this month it has come a little early by about 3 or 4 days, with cramps but very light flow. I really only notice the flow when i wipe or there is very light flow on my pad. Pinkish, brownish, redish in color. ... (0 replies)
... what does it mean when you have a light period (0 replies)
... what does a late and light period mean? ... (0 replies)
... I'm on the birth control pill in which i take at the exact same minute everyday without fail plus my boyfriend pulls out however, this month's period has been abnormally light and I'm confused as to why because my periods are never like this. Does this mean I'm pregnant? ... (0 replies)
... days and fairly light when I was alot younger it was heavier but as I got older 23 it has become lighter, what does this mean? ... (3 replies)
... had it right through and then today is when i am due my period, it has got heavier and i have cramps so seems normal, could the flight be why it was irregular or what is your opinion? ... (0 replies)
... Im 19 years old i have a serious boyfriend that i live with and we have sex often. ... (3 replies)
... what does it mean when your period is very light you dont need to use a pad and its been dat way for 2 days and you had sex before it came (0 replies)
... what does it mean when your period shorten? ... (1 replies)
... my period was light and short what does this mean? ... (1 replies)
... I usually am one time or late for my period. This month it was 3 days early and lighter flow than normal lasting 2 days. One day after the end of my period I started a yellow vaginal discharge, like when I was pregnant. I am extremely exhaust and have no energy. I also have been getting headaches. ... (0 replies)
... Im 37 and for the last 12 months my period has only ever lasted a day. I only ever where a panty liner cause its that light. Is this normal? ... (1 replies)
... i am a 19 yr old girl and im sexually active but always used protection. i got my period on the 30th Aug and it finished on 5th Sep. ... (0 replies)
... Mine got heavier as I aged. It's different for every woman! (3 replies)
... Mine has gotten much lighter, also. It changed when I was about 23, in fact. I think when you are very young it is normal for your periods to be heavier. (3 replies)
... Most likely nothing. They change as we age. (3 replies)
... My period ALWAYS stops for a day and then comes back. It also sometimes is extremely light and kind of gets a little heavier back and forth. If this is something new for you though, I'd see your doctor about it. If you think it could be pregnancy, take a pregnancy test. ... (2 replies)

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