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I was running a fever for awhile, so my doctor took some blood. I was diagnosed with mild RA about 18 months ago from a positive RA Factor. My sed rate was a tiny bit high, not much. My RA factor was really, really high. They even repeated it. My ANA was negative. I was sent to a RA doctor. He put me on Naprosyn. I have no swelling. He took no x-rays. He just took my blood pressure and looked at my hands and knees. I go back every three months. He takes my blood pressure and ask me how I am feeling. I have not had any additional bloodwork done since that time or x-rays ever. Recently I complained about being super tired. I can't hardly get out of bed some days. I am just wore out. I switched to one Celebrex daily. It doesn't seem to help. My muscles hurt all over, my hands, wrists, elbows, some times my knees. My toes hurt if I move them. My hands are stiff. My wrist and elbows hurt when I put them down on a surface. They are tender. I am exhausted. Last winter I found out I also have Raynaud's Disease. I hear this is common with arthristis, so I go on blood pressure meds in the winter. I guess they dilate my blood vessels and increase circulation/blood flow. I am suppose to have mild arthritis, so why do I feel so bad?

I also have really bad arthritis in my TMJ. I need a joint replacement. They are not positive it is due to rheumatoid arthritis. It might be. I am hypothyroid, but they say it is fine. I am on meds for it daily. I just recently had it checked.

I plan to see a different RA doctor in October, but I will have to pay for 40 percent of the visit due to him not being on my insurance.

Any advice greatly appreciated as I have been researching my TMJ problem for three years. I guess I need to also research RA now. :confused:

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