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Sorry to hear your not feeling well I hope it settles down by tomorrow. Its 1.25am now Ive spent the past hour getting sick after taking MTX earlier tonight Im after more antiemetics (things to stop you vomiting) and its finally stopped im sitting in bed now feeling miserable and in pain but should feel better in about 15mins Im just havin a fentanyl (stronger than morphine!!!) lollipop there called actiq Ive been started on them today as im having a bad flare and could hardly walk nearly all my joints are afftected when i flare unfortunately,went to see my rheumatologist today and she thought I was very bad so she gave me the highest dose steroid injection into my a*s and thats helped my hands a good bit but they still hurt its just im able to move them again so its definately brought down some of the swelling but my toes ankles and knees are still very swollen and my lower back, but its brought down my finger and wrist swellin and one of my elbows is less swollen and my jaw has gone down a bit but im still rather uncomfortable.

Basically the outcome of my meeting with Sineád my rheumy was, the steroid injection,better breakthrough painrelief so we got onto the pain sprecialist and he said hes give me the actiq lollipops, my oral steroids are increrased too, my MTX was increased to17.5mg today then up to 20mg next week,and then after 3 weeks at 20mg if im not too bad I can reduce oral steroids by 2.5mg,and ive to let them no how im getting on and im to ring next week if Im not much better after the week, so please god I will be.and we decided today that if in teh new year im still having daily small flares and the big flares and i cant get down off the steroids then its time to change my medication, but i can go up to 25mg of the MTX before then.

Im very stressed and upset with everything thats going on and my Nan is back in hospital (shes 66 and is dying from lung cancer which she got due to unsafe industrial fumes where she worked) which is tearing my heart apart as we are really close to her myself and my sister shes a gr8 nana and an amazing friend and its so hard to see someone else you love in so much pain and suffering so much.
My liver tests are 58 they have gone up by 2 but Im suprised it still functions with the amount of medication Im on I take over 30 tablets a day its madness,
Anyway its now 1.47am and im in much less pain after my lollipop and very drowsy thats why it took me so long to write this, im off hopefully to sleep now.
Talk to you in the morning well probablly afternoon ,its 1.54 i keep dozing off, i really hope your pain goes away and the feverish symptoms settle down,please let me now asap how you are
I get cold sweats alot do or did you suffer these at any stage, ive many other medical problems as ive mentioned and a lot of meds so it may just be related to one of them.
Goodnight, well I hope your already having sweet dreams, Ill talk to you really soon and ive my fingers crossed you feel lots better
Luv Chell xxxxx :wave: :D :wave:

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