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Swollen Knuckles
Oct 25, 2010
... And that is a reminder to everyone....take a picture of a joint if it's swollen or red so the doc can see it....because the chances of you getting in on that day is so small. ... (2 replies)
Swollen Knuckles
Oct 23, 2010
... Another chapter in the looong saga of getting a diagnosis (:jester:) I went of every single medicine and Thursday I woke up and one of my knuckles looked like I had gotten into a bar fight red/purple and puffy. Now it is normal. Seems like more than OA/Fibro to me? Any help? Jenny are you around??? I have attached a picture. (2 replies)
... When I wake up in the morning, or after a nap, my knuckles are swollen. ... (1 replies)

Swollen Knuckles
Aug 15, 2002
... Since being diagnosed with RA last month, I have now become over-analytical with my joints. (I constantly "inspect" my joints for swelling.) My ankles swell and I think they look bad, although no one else can really tell. Now, 1 or 2 knuckles at the base of my fingers are getting swollen (sort of what I attribute RA to look like in the hands). It's starting to freak me... (10 replies)
... I wake up in such pain in the fingers where I cant even bend them their so swollen and it's stricking the middle joints, at the knuckles. It can start with redness and they sometimes get reddish small marks on the inflamed fingers. ... (4 replies)
Testing question
Sep 28, 2015
... I also have swollen knuckles and my hands are always stiff. My right index finger is always bent and I have a what looks like an arthritic nodule on the first knuckle. ... (0 replies)
... The first hint of arthritis was a swollen joint in my left pinky. The doc said it was arthritis and sure enough that's what I have. Then my knuckles got larger so rings didn't fit. Anyway it's not painful so I'm grateful for that! ... (1 replies)
... I have the same thing in my right middle finger. It's from swollen tendons that are holding the finger in that position. See a doc about getting a cortisone shot in the tendon and that should release it. ... (3 replies)
... My middle right finger is bent at all knuckles and I can not unbend it unless I put it on a flat surface and push. It hurts like mad when I do. My knuckles on both hands are pretty swollen to. ... (3 replies)
Pain in fingers
Dec 25, 2011
... OA tends to hit the joint at the very ends of the fingers whereas RA doesn't affect those joints. Ra hits the hand knuckles the worst and bends them from there where as OA just makes for large swollen knuckles. ... (5 replies)
... I HAVE MORE THEN ONE like -and i remember falling -and using my hand to protect me ,then i fall again and also had three car accident. Now i suffer of and on with pain only 4 time when i to cold are bathing and sweeting to fast and out in the air. Well the doctor said i had arthritis and bursitis. use the hand protector and take care of your self so during your 50yrs it... (3 replies)
... I have a swollen knuckle on the small finger of my left hand with no pain and with full range of motion. ... (3 replies)
Swollen Knuckles
Oct 26, 2010
... Thx Jenny!!! (2 replies)
... That's quite common with ostoarthritis. Are you on any anti-inflammatory medications or pain relief? (1 replies)
... I'm 57 and my hands look awful. Swollen knuckles, twisted fingers. Every Dr. I've seen said Rhem arthritis but test don't show that. ... (1 replies)
... I just came across your post and found it interesting because my daughter has Lyme disease which causes arthritis and numerous other symptoms. It is treated with antibiotics. Have you ever been tested for Lyme disease? Even if you do not remember being bit by a tick or had a rash, you still could have been. Most people don't know they were bit. In fact my daughter didn't... (1 replies)
... I recently saw my Dr. and he noticed how bad my hands look. Swollen knuckles, crooked fingers and they do hurt. ... (3 replies)
... hey guys just joined this site, and i have a question. i was recently in a car accident and injured my thunmb. i went to the clinic and the doctor said it is just sprained. All well and good right? wrong. i get home and realise that when i push my pinky and ring finger down towards my palm they will get stuck there almost like locking into place. it does not hurt very bad... (0 replies)
... in hands, neck, lower back, and hip all but disappeared. Even the redness in my swollen knuckles was reduced. By the fifth day, I totally stopped all NSAIDS and required no Trammadol even though I stepped up my daily walking regimen. ... (1 replies)
... rs ago and I couldn't walk. I managed to see my doc that day. I was walking like a really old bow legged cowboy. This doc has RA. At that time, both of my middle knuckles were swollen and sore. My test for RA was negative then. I received a shot of cortisone that day. I got much better in the next few days. ... (8 replies)

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